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Onstage, the characters are mostly evenly matched with the margin of error being razor thin for both. In Dr. Mario's case, his damage and knockback are tuned to extreme heights while his hitboxes make neutral very awkward for Yoshi, who consistently trades or loses to moves like nair and bair while having to go out of his way to not get locked down by pill. He also has very limited ways to touch his shield, as even his uair and nair are not safe enough to get past Dr. Mario's frame 3 upB. On the other side, Dr. Mario can't afford to be offstage trying to recover against Yoshi frequently. Even a move like dsmash at mid to high percents can potentially outright KO Dr. Mario despite full resources due to its knockback and angle. Yoshi should aim to not interact with Dr. Mario when possible and try to get him offstage as much as possible. Scrapping with Dr. Mario is asking to lose.

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Duck Hunt



  • Fox's absurd whiff punishing, speed, and burst as well as his classic nair > usmash confirm make neutral relatively poor for Yoshi, who will often be forced to methodically take space before trying to pressure Fox. Fox's extremely fast short hop into tomhawak, safe nair and bair, and quick jab give him a decent set of options to deal with Yoshi turtling excessively in shield. Fox's uair is also an absurd juggling tool which quickly builds damage and an be difficult to get around. Yoshi is left to exploit his own advantage, which is quite strong against the very light Fox, and offstage, where Fox is unlikely to be able to touch him and he himself can heavily exploit the straight-line options that Fox has. Egg lay is particularly devastating against Fox offstage as he tends to drop like a rock while in the egg. This matchup tends to go much in a similar way as other matchups against highly agile characters with superior neutral except Fox also has nuclear offensive potential - at least until he's forced to rely on stray hits. Yoshi should look to end every stock in only a few interactions if possible.

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Hero represents something of an execution test for Yoshi across the entire game. Ignoring the randomness of sudden Kabooms or Hocus Pocus effects, Yoshi seeks to constantly abuse Hero's discomfort at point blank range, steamrolling him in advantage and trying to punish his vulnerable recovery before he can access Zoom. Hero's sword still serves the same purpose as any other disjoint but requires spacing and time to be safe, which can make him somewhat susceptible to parry bait or getting run over by pre-emptive punishes. Yoshi cannot freely dash about in this matchup due to the threat of tools like Zapple (and occasionally Zap) due to the active frames, range, and damage being a check to Yoshi's high initial dash frames. Hero can quickly burn through MP trying to keep Yoshi out with specials that can be better used for recovery or buffs, however, meaning Hero can spend much of the stock toe-ing a fine line. It should be noted that Bounce is mildly helpful in the matchup, although much moreso in Hero's disadvantage than in neutral; Yoshi's overall gameplan does not rely on eggs to the point where it heavily hinders him.

Yoshi's recovery is mostly not too vulnerable without a hard commitment by Hero and/or expended resources outside of a lucky Kaboom menu pull. Disadvantage is similarly manageable although Yoshi should rarely be able to make an aggressive landing from above Hero thanks to the latter's massive utilt and ability to outspace and hitbox he wants to use. This can propose a small dilemma for Yoshi, who will want to press the attack to prevent Hero from having the option to open menu to acquire buffs but also needs to land safely.

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Yoshi's advantages in this matchup are his speed, which lets him kite Kirby in neutral and disadvantage while also hunt him down in advantage, and his KO power, which pairs well with Kirby's low weight. Kirby's absurd normals, threat bubble immediately around him, and obnoxious constant low profiling can make it difficult and unfavorable for Yoshi to interact in neutral - he's better off checking Kirby's grounded approaches with dtilt and very well spaced aerials. Egg lay, grab, and jab can be ducked and diagonal approaches reward Kirby. Yoshi should be playing with little commitment until he gets Kirby into a juggle situation or offstage, where he heavily exploits the latter. Kirby has several moves that tank armor, and his dash attack's extreme knockback at 30% is enough to break armor if Yoshi carelessly jumps near ledge. Dtilt on stage is unpunishable with decent spacing, low profiles Kirby to an extreme, and has a 1 in 3 chance of setting him up for an easy Fsmash. His utilt serves as a very powerful anti-air and combo starter. In general, Yoshi should look to avoid situations where Kirby can press buttons up close.

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Aegis (Pyra/Mythra)

Belmonts (Simon & Richter)

Yoshi naturally plagues the Belmonts in many ways. His advantage state against them is brutal, as they struggle to deal with his juggling and get chased down in the air while being very vulnerable offstage. Their tether recovery, while long, can be body blocked or interrupted easily with nair. Trying to drift in to ledge to upB also exposes them to edgeguards. They are notorious for their setplay at ledge, where they benefit from ambiguity, the ability to cover neutral getup and jump while remaining actionable, and being able to force a response. Yoshi tends to avoid this with high recoveries and using his double jump armor to get through holy water and the initial hit of cross. They are instead more commonly forced to rely on their tipper whip aerials, which are relatively thin and only sparingly active - that said, if they do land, Yoshi's jump armor is quite vulnerable and can be broken well under 100%. He dominates them up close as well, although their only saving grace is that they can make getting close and staying close truly hellish. They can restrict angles of attack by abusing platforms and setting up cross and retreating aerials, which can turn neutral into an hour-long obstacle course. They will eventually run out of stage, however, and don't have the mobility to circle camp, meaning that it's typically a matter of time before Yoshi knocks them offstage and then hunts them down.

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