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From Dragdown

Dragdown Wiki is a collaborative information hub for platform-fighter games.

Special Thanks

Star Citizen Wiki for creating the Citizen skin, and for the templates that are used for the skin.

Everyone on Dustloop (most importantly Tarkus Lee) for allowing us to use the numerous templates present on Dragdown

shiburizu for several resources and assistance in formatting and design

Doze Zoze for site themes and formatting

Izzychu for Character Data sheets and other information

scatteraxis for general site maintenance

SmashWiki for Glossary assistance

FGC Glossary for Glossary assistance

Zeckemyro for allowing us to use their hitbox visuals

Tax1k and DrewGDraws, among many other designers for helping with the brand's appearance

Ultimate Frame Data, Smash Ultimate Calculator, and Ultimate Hitboxes for data

Mizuumi, SuperCombo, and Dustloop again for inspiration

Our Admins, Moderators, Editors, Web Developers, Designers, Informants, and any miscellaneous contributors for their work on the site

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