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Frequently Asked Questions

What character should I play?

Whichever character you want. Every character in Ultimate is viable enough to be played with practice.

Should I start with a "easy character?"

No, play the character that you like! It's best to pick a character that you'll like rather than a character that you may get bored with. "Easy" characters will not necessarily help you learn harder mechanics of the game, nor aid with your enjoyment of a character.

Which characters are the most beginner friendly?

The most beginner friendly character would be Mario, the cover character. That being said, being able to efficiently move around and execute combos will let you play the majority of the cast at a proficient level, and that can be learned from nearly any character.

Which characters are considered "Top Tier"?

Tiers in fighting games are subjective and constantly changing due to the game's meta not being fully explored. Tier lists are also subject to biases and their ordering depends on what criteria the evaluator considers important. If you want a general glimpse of character placing, you can refer to the Tier List page. You will often see characters like Steve and Pyra & Mythra at the top of the lists. It's crucial not to be discouraged by these lists if your preferred character places low, as at the local level who wins is mostly due to player skill not character power. And remember that higher placed characters are not unbeatable.

How balanced is Ultimate?

Balanced enough that you can win with any character. Ultimate is the most balanced entry in the Smash Bros. series.

Is Ultimate difficult?

It's a Smash game. That being said, if you're new to platform fighters, it can be difficult to adjust to the mechanics just like any fighting game. However, there are many resources to learn about how to play the game.


Should I use Tilt Stick/Smash Stick/Tap Jump?

Preface: Despite what is written, it is ultimately up to you what controls you use. Players like Nario have proven you can be the best using the default control scheme so don't feel pressured into changing your controls if that's what you prefer

  • Tilt Stick Vs Smash Stick
    • Pros of using Smash Stick: Easier to input moves on certain characters that play using their smash attacks more, an example is Olimar
    • Cons of using Smash Stick: Makes using tech like Pivot Cancel FTilt more difficult
  • Tap Jump
    • Tends to be favored by characters with multiple jumps, examples include Kirby, Meta Knight and Jigglypuff
    • Pros: Makes using ladder-type combos easier for multiple characters, a common example is Meta Knight
    • Cons: Using Up Tilt with the control stick can be hard to do in the heat of a battle without lots of practice


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