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General Notes

Because Smash Ultimate's combos are very freeform, the following strings aren't full combos (unless stated otherwise). Think of a Smash combo as a LEGO building, in which you assemble different strings of moves in order to achieve a big combo.

Example Combos

Combo Theory

Common combo starters

Low Percents

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Mid Percents

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High Percents / Kill Confirms

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Yoshi can use most of his aerials offstage but mostly relies on nair, fair, and dair. He can reach incredible depths and hang around offstage for a while thanks to floating so much. Egg toss can also force some frametraps or combo into an edgeguard. Use your armor as needed to eat weak hits and potentially hit them with nair.


Nair ties together all of his edgeguarding. Its strong hit will outright KO at high percents while any of its lingering active frames are very effective against characters who rely on jumping and using their recovery special. It is highly effective at disrupting tethers and teleport recoveries. Use this for direct hits or frame traps - it can situationally trade with some recoveries when needed. You can rise to stage or descend near with it easily - be careful about using it with your double jump as getting tagged and put in hitstun too far from ledge might prevent you from making it back.


Yoshi players are notorious for going for dunks with this move frequently. Its versatility lies in that the meteor hitbox travels in a semi circle starting slightly above him and ending directly below him. It's effective against linear recoveries or 2 frame-able recoveries - if there's no hitbox to adequately protect them, they can be quite vulnerable to it until they access some invincibility frames. Aggressive hunting with egg toss can lead into fair confirms and combos that end with nair, fair, or bair can also lead into fair dunks if they send the opponent offstage at mid percents.


The main use of this move is to drag the opponent down and then drift off of them so that they fall out and get semi-spiked. If they don't have a long distance vertical recovery and you manage to take their jump they'll lose their stock at any percent - it's also notorious for causing people to panic directional airdodge. You can also try to trade with their recovery if it has a hitbox although this depends on the recovery.

Egg Lay

Egg lay is somewhat slow and not too active, so it can be hard to land. If you are successful, it's highly effective for obvious reasons. Moves like Fire Fox are good targets for it.


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Common Set-ups

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