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Normal Moves

Press with the analog stick in different positions to perform normal moves. Depending on the angle of input, and current state of your character (standing, airborne) (for some FGC characters Ryu, Ken, Kazuya, how close you are to your opponent and how long you hold the input), your character will perform different attacks. As a general rule, Jabs and Tilts are usually weak and fast, Smash Attacks are strong and slow.


Press with the control stick lightly pushed (///)

Smash Attacks

Press with the control stick tapped (///) as the button is released

Alternative ways of inputting Smash Attacks are with the + macro, or by using the C-Stick set to Smash Attacks.


Press with the control stick untilted/tilted in different directions (,//)

Some characters who possess tethers can use their tether attack in the air. This is commonly referred to as ZAir.


File:SSBU Offense Grab
Press / + on the ground to grab. You must be close to an opponent to successfully grab them.

Grabs are (mostly) short ranged, fast attacks that cannot be shielded. They can be combo'd into unlike most 2D fighting games. However, they have long whiff animations, making it easy to punish should the opponent expect them.

There are 2 types of grabs, Standard and Tether grabs. Standard grabs have short range on them, but have fast startup. Tether grabs have very long range, but are compensated by longer startup. Most tether grabs also have the additional benefit of being able to use them as recoveries, except for Luigi and Pac-Man


Press while the opponent is grabbed.

Pummels are used to unstale moves(insert stale move link later), or to rack up additional damage.


Tilt the control stick while the opponent is grabbed ( / / / .

Throws have a variety of uses. Some are used as combo starters, while others are used to position the opponent offstage in a disadvantageous state.

Grab Release

Grab Release happens when the grabber becomes airborne (i.e. they get hit or the floor underneath them goes away) or after a set period of time. The player who is grabbed can shorten this time by mashing their stick or buttons.

Priority of Attacks vs Grabs

When two attacks hit each other, either a clank happens or both characters get hit, but what happens when grabs are added to the mix?

Attack vs Grab: The attack takes priority.

Grab vs Grab: A Grab Parry (insert link) occurs.

Both parties take 1% damage and perform their rebound animation(grab release if airborne)

Special Moves

Press with the control stick untilted/tilted in different directions (,//)

Special Moves are dime a dozen, and are unique to each character's toolkit. There are many different types of special moves.

A few example of Special Moves

+ / Up Special: Most character's Up Special acts as a universal recovery tool. They aid in helping characters get back to the ledge when they are off stage.


File:SSBU Offense Footstool
Press to bounce off of the opponent's head

Footstools briefly freeze grounded opponents in place while an animation plays out. On aerial opponents, opponents tumble down a fixed distance and take no damage. Midair footstools can be teched upon landing.

If Piranha Plant is footstooled while crouching, it uses a Footstool attack on the footstooler.

You must wait 16 frames after an attack before you can footstool.


Item Pick Up

Item Throw

Light Items vs Heavy Items


Press button to taunt
File:SSBU Taunt

Taunts can be cancelled from frame 50 onwards. They can be used to trick your opponent into attacking you.

Some taunts like Greninja and Luigi have hitboxes on them, making them perform attacks.


Attack Properties








Status Effects






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