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This page is for general or alternative resources for game information in Super Smash Bros Ultimate such as damage/knockback calculators, stage visualizers, and character data visualizers.



A website that does more Wikipedia-esque documentation of Super Smash Brothers games, including Super Smash Brothers Ultimate. If any technical information is missing from here, it can probably be found there.

Stage Comparison Tool

The SSBU Stage Comparison Tool can be used to view and compare the sizes, layouts, and blastzones of various tournament-legal stages.

Smash Ultimate Calculator

The Smash Ultimate Calculator can be used to calculate precise knockback distances and KO percents for every move in the game against every character in the game.

Ultimate Training Modpack

A modpack for SSBU that adds a plethora of features to training mode that makes it much more sufficient for practicing and labbing, such as in0game frame data, savestates, pre-programmed CPU actions, etc. Requires a hacked Switch or emulation. Read the GitHub main page of this mod for a guide on how to install and use.


Smash Ultimate Hitboxes

Ultimate Frame Data


Character Select

System Explanations

The Basics
Detailed & Advanced Information
Damage/KnockbackFrame Data ExplanationsStates of PlayUniversal StrategyEsoterica
Archived Information
Patch NotesTier ListsAlternate ResourcesDiscords

Mechanics Glossary


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