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Banjo & Kazooie

Banjo & Kazooie Avoid getting hit by Wonderwing and Confirms that Lead Into it then Hold onto your Stocks for Dear Life
Even/Slight Disadvantage
  • Inhale in neutral for reflecting Projectiles is not useful in this Matchup. Banjo has a lot of time to shield inhaled Grenades and Breegul Blaster and the reward is really not there. Cooldown for Grenade isn't enough to justify reflecting the projectile to force Banjo to not be able to use the move temporarily.
  • At higher %'s make sure that you aren't entering situations where you can get air-to-air'd by Banjo's Forward-Air as it's not only his other main kill move but it will send at a sharp angle that forces you at ledge to potentially get killed.
  • Inhale at ledge IS useful to deal with Banjo's Grenade ledge traps forcing him to give you more space.
  • Make good use of Back-Air when pressuring Banjo's shield. Banjo struggles quite a bit out of shield and his shieldgrab is particularly weak meaning that well spaced Back-Airs will go a long way towards forcing Banjo to eventually jump out of pressure or start panic rolling to a corner enabling you to corner pressure him.
  • There's really not much risk being above Banjo due to how unrewarding Banjo's Up-Air is and he can't get confirms if he pulls out a grenade hitting you from above.
  • In neutral learn to play more grounded and learn to use your walking more. Banjo will try camping you with his two projectiles and if you are squirming around trying to play around it by jumping a lot or trying to hit Banjo whenever he gets close to you there will be a lot of easier ways for Banjo to Wonderwing you. Grounded Forward-Tilt and Rising Forward-air when Banjo jump backs are your friends.
  • If Banjo is Offstage, only edge guard him if he is BELOW the ledge area or ran out of Wonderwings. He will pull the trigger on Wonderwing if you get too close and due to Dedede's horrible air-speed it's really easy to telegraph when you will try to smack someone with your Forward-Air. However drop-off Forward-Air when Banjo is below the ledge is a very viable option.
  • If Banjo gets his Wonderwing shielded, at point blank just drop shield and run up Up-Smash and if he hits your shield and doesn't crossup then just go for Up-Smash it will always be a true punish. You can also intercept Wonderwing with your Inhale which also comes in handy.
  • Banjo's Down-Throw doesn't work properly on Dedede for some reason. This is due to Dedede having an awkward Bury animation so Banjo's Up-Smash will frequently have Dedede fall out of the first hit and Up-Tilt will normally not hit you. You still need to mash out however or else Up-Smash WILL work on you as the move being charged connects much better.

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Bayonetta Master your SDI, avoid obvious Bayo Win-Conditions, and play defensive Whiff Punish oriented
Major Disadvantage
  • Don't be alarmed if you are taking LOADS of damage against this character. Bayonetta racks up damage VERY fast on Dedede thanks to his heavyweight nature and it's pretty easy for her to get the first hit or get the ball rolling in the early-game. If you are at 100% don't feel like you need to immediately start cheesing Bayonetta in order to compensate.
  • Playing grounded is very important in this matchup, Bayonetta's ABK is incredibly oppressive and can catch DDD jumping or using Gordo while not being a particularly easy move to punish. Defensive Grounded game goes a long way towards forcing Bayonetta to play a much more limited neutral and Up-Tilt is your friend if Bayonetta overextends while being above you.
  • Dedede is at his best in this matchup when he's noticeably BELOW Bayonetta as Bayonetta can only use so many specials in the air without ending up in a ton of landing lag to get punished.
  • Play this matchup with VERY little Gordo as Bayonetta is not only great at getting rid of it but she doesn't get screwed over by the hitlag shenanigans of the move or need to be repositioned to hit it back well. It's not a very useful tool for ledge trapping Bayonetta and you can whiff punish her without needing the move and she can activate her Witch Time win conditions if you Gordo so just avoid using the move all-together.
  • Down and In is the best overall SDI vs Bayonetta's combos as it often forces her Witch Twist to send you TOWARDS the stage ending any potentially deadly combos but you can try SDI-Out to mixup Bayonetta if she notices you are constantly SDI-ing In. NEVER SDI Up it will always make your situation worse vs Bayonetta especially as a fastfaller.
  • Bayonetta really only kills you with her Jab and Back-Air near the corner so Shield is often useful. If Bayonetta empty hops back there's a big chance she is going to try to run up and Forward-Throw you (which kills around 160-170% on Dedede depending on stage) so it's a good idea to jump back (Jumping back also reduces the likelihood of ABK hitting you if Bayonetta has time to react while still jumping back.
  • Fun Fact: If Bayonetta is using her Neutral-Special while you are in the ground you can just crouch and the Bullets won't hit you
  • Don't constantly Airdodge In offstage as it makes you incredibly vulnerable to getting Gunned down offstage and killed.
  • Going low offstage is a good idea as Bayonetta can intercept your higher recoveries with Witch Twist and use it to get potential offstage combos and kills on you. If you are going low and Bayonetta is onstage make sure you are ready to Beefy Up-B in case she tries to 2 frame you with her Down-Smash
  • Get info on the Bayonetta player's favorite recovery pattern/flowchart. Bayonetta has a lot of ways to recover and Bayonetta players often are comfortable with the same 2-3 routes. You can Forward-Air or Down-Tilt Bayonetta for having her head poke above the stage and if the Bayonetta player has a habit of trying to get a ledge sweetspot with ABK then you can respond to it with a Dash-Attack 2 frame.

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Bowser Jr.

Captain Falcon




Diddy Kong

Donkey Kong

Dr. Mario

Duck Hunt






Ice Climbers









King Dedede

King K. Rool



Little Mac



Marcina (Marth & Lucina)



Mega Man

Meta Knight


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Mii Brawler

Mii Swordfighter

Mii Gunner

Min Min

Mr. Game & Watch








Piranha Plant


Pokemon Trainer

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* Placeholder

* Placeholder

* Placeholder

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Aegis (Pyra/Mythra)

Belmonts (Simon & Richter)




Rosalina & Luma












Toon Link



Wii Fit Trainer



Young Link


Zero Suit Samus


King Dedede

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