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This page aims to document various tools and templates used throughout Dragdown, possible implementations and how to format them so that they are used properly.

Commonly tools and templates on all pages

Table Of Contents

Note: As of the move to Citizen Skin, this does not limit the header levels. But it is still mandatory if you want a Table of Contents to appear Documentation: Template:TOC limit


{{TOC limit|Number Here}}

A navigation list made up of all the headers (text surrounded by '=' signs (==Header==) on a page).
Adding an index after the limit| will limit the TOC to only show up to a specific header level. Useful if you have many sections with many subheaders that you might not want to bloat the TOC at the side of a page(examples include the Strategy pages of characters).

Move Cards

Documentation: Template:SSBU_Move_Card

Best to avoid changing anything other than the description field unless you know what you are doing. If you want to modify framedata on Move Cards, you will want to navigate to the /Data page of the respective character, e.g. SSBU/Mario/Data.

The chara field should be used when you want to display a fighter's move on another fighter's page. The only characters that have seperate chara fields are Pyra & Mythra, as well as Rosalina & Luma.


{{SSBU Move Card
|attack=Up Smash
DamageThe raw damage percent value(s) of the listed move that the game calculates damage and staling from. Frames ActiveThe frames of this move where there are active hitboxes that can affect opponents. Total FramesThe total number of animation frames for this move. Landing lag for applicable moves will be listed under "Additional Data". AngleThe launch angle of this move. 0 degrees is directly away from the attacking character, and this value angles up counter-clockwise. Shield SafetyThe difference between the attacker's endlag and the period that the opponent is in shieldstun. This frame advantage value is based off the assumption that the very first active frame connects with the opponent's shield. ProtectionAny kind of body part intangibility, invulnerability, or armor that the move has.
3.04.5 charged 6 - 365/120/367/105 -42-41 charged none
3.04.5 charged 7 - 110/123 -41-40 charged none
2.03 charged 10 - 98/120 -38-38 charged none
8.012.0 charged 18 51 89 -27-25 charged none
  • PlaceHolder

Base KB Fixed KB KB Growth Landing Lag Autocancel Window Shieldstun Shieldlag Bonus Shield Damage Direct Hitbox Clang ReboundThe type of interaction when a hitbox interacts with another hitbox

Rebound interacts by clanking with other hitboxes, causing the rebound property if the hitbox doesn't deal over 9.0% damage than the opposing hitbox it is clanking with.

Trample interacts by clanking with other hitboxes, but doesn't cause the rebound property.

Transcendent cannot interact with other hitboxes.

No Stop interacts by clanking with other hitboxes, but doesn't stop being active. Unique to Mii Gunner's Grenade Launch.
Rehit Hitlag Multiplier SDI Multiplier
20 FKB/33 FKB 100 33 charged
140 FKB 100 33 charged
20 FKB/50 FKB 100 33 charged
66 111 64 charged


Documentation: Template:Ambox

Amboxes is a notice template that is used to highlight/group up information that belong to the same category. You will often see these templates in the |unique_mechanicx= parameter to show off fighter's unique abilities effects.


|info=These benefits disappear after losing a stock
'''+''' 1.3× damage multiplier to all attacks(Except Items and {{clr|special|Supernova}})
'''+''' Gains an additional Jump
'''+''' Increased Walk, Dash and Run Speed, as well as their Acceleration values.
'''+''' Increased Air Acceleration and Speed, Gravity and Fall Speed
'''+'''  Heavy Armor(20%) on all {{clr|smash|Smash Attacks}}

Coloring Text

Documentation: Template:Color/Template:Clr

Coloring serves as a way to emphasise text that notates moves, such as F-Tilt. You should be using this wherever applicable, on every page.


{{clr|tilt|Jab 1}}, {{clr|smash|Up Smash}}, {{clr|aerial|FAir}}, {{clr|grab|Pivot Grab}}, {{clr|special|Neutral Special}}

Jab 1, Up Smash, FAir, Pivot Grab, Neutral Special


Documentation: Template:Prompt

Prompts are used to help visualise button presses and Analog Stick movement. They are used on Overview pages, to demonstrate how to use a move, as well as on the Advantage and Tech pages, where specific inputs may be required. Prompts also support FGC characters' motion inputs.


{{Prompt|Z}}, {{Prompt|X}}, {{Prompt|Y}}, {{Prompt|Analog Smash Left}} + {{Prompt|A}} , {{Prompt|Analog Right}} + {{Prompt|B}}, {{Prompt|C Neutral}} + {{Prompt|A}}, {{Prompt|Analog QCB}}, {{Prompt|Analog QCF}}, {{Prompt|Analog HCF}}, {{Prompt|Analog DP}}, {{Prompt|Analog QCD}}

, , , + , + , + , , , , ,


Documentation: Template:StockIcon

StockIcon is used when you want to mention other characters, and add a hyperlink to the character's Overview page.


{{StockIcon|SSBU|Steve}}, {{StockIcon|SSBU|King Dedede}}, {{StockIcon|SSBU|Pyra & Mythra}}, {{StockIcon|SSBU|Pyra}}

Steve, King Dedede, Pyra & Mythra, Pyra

Adding Hyperlinks


Appears as YOUTUBE

Keywords and Tooltips

Documentation of Templates: Template:Tt, Template:Term, Template:GlossaryData
Repository: Glossary

Dragdown has a glossary of common Smash terms that are used. Readers may use it to learn/cross-ref phrases or concepts during reading. To help keep text engaging and reduce the necessity of cross-referencing, there is a Term template that utilizes the Tooltip (Tt) template to place a tooltip of the definition of the term if the reader mouses over them. The keyword in question must be stored in the site's Glossary first, by using our GlossaryData template on the Glossary page to add a term to the Cargo so it can be retrieved via Keyword.

If you ever want to make a helpful tooltip that is completely unrelated to any terms in our Glossary, you can always use the Tooltip (Tt) template directly to write whatever you may want, instead of Keyword.


Kazuya, Min Min, Steve players, any of those players who pop off after they win should be banned from entering future events. Winning 8-2 matchup doesn't mean shit!

-A classic {{term|john}}

Appears as

Kazuya, Min Min, Steve players, any of those players who pop off after they win should be banned from entering future events. Winning 8-2 matchup doesn't mean shit!

-A classic johnAn excuse for a player's underperformance that results in a match loss.

FP Boxes

Documentation: Template:FP Box/Documentation

What most of the site is made out of.

Collapsible Lists

This is a HTML thing, but I'll write down what I know here.

This can be used if you have a ton of extra information that you don't what clogging the page up, but still want to leave somewhere for people to read. You place this down and write the information in between the divs.

<div class="mw-collapsible mw-collapsed">



There is no documentation for this because its a HTML thing, but I'm gonna write down what I know here.

Tabber is often used on the Matchup page where there are Echo Fighters; the Matchup guide is similar enough as the characters fought have about the same way to approach. However, it is seperated since they technically aren't the same character.

Tabber can also be used as a seperater when you want points of similar details on the same tab/area. You'll usually want to put Tabbers in FP Boxes so that they look nicer.

Important to note that Tabbers won't show up on Show Preview when you initially create them.


{{FP Box
Countering Ledge Options

|-|Ledge Jump=
Placeholder 1

|-|Ledge Roll=
Placeholder 2

|-|Ledge Getup=
Placeholder 3

|-|Ledge Attack=
Placeholder 4

Countering Ledge Options

Placeholder 1

Placeholder 2

Placeholder 3

Placeholder 4

Data Page


Documentation: Template:CharLinks

VERY important Template. This is what controls what sections show up for the character.

|videos= Unused, don't touch
|setplay= Leave blank if you dont want a setplay page for the character, put yes if otherwise
|matchups= Unused, don't touch.
|discord= Character discord link
|twitter= Searches twitter for the character. Most of the time, the format is #SSBU_CharName. 

Overview Page

Overview Box

Documentation: Template:Overview

Combo Pages


Documentation: Template:TheoryBox

Strategy Pages

Repurpose Overview Page Templates

Templates and elements on Overview pages can be repurposed and used for the strategy section. Few examples included below.

Reusing General Move Cards

You can use the same move card to show the move used, but change the description for the context. This way, you don't have to keep going back and forth refering to frame data.

Showing off Images of Moves

If you want to show off a specific move for visualisation purposes, you can have the page display the image. HIGHLY RECOMMENDED you change the size of the image to something smaller so that the image doesn't clog up everything. 340px by 180px is good enough for the most part(and the one used by Dustloop so therefore a good enough size)


<gallery widths="340px" heights="180px" mode="nolines">
Kazuya_CJab.png | '''{{clr|tilt|Crouch Jab}}'''
SSBU_Lucina_LucinaFTilt_0.png | '''{{clr|tilt|FTilt}}'''

Matchup Pages

Matchup Box

Documentation of Templates mentioned: Template:MatchupSummaryBox

Used to have a short summary describing the matchup. Optional favorability.


|oneliner=Both of you have GO. Silly matchup.
|summary= Summary text goes here
* Summary text goes here too

Terry Both of you have GO. Silly matchup.

Summary text goes here

  • Summary text goes here too

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Resource Pages

Players to Watch

Documentation of Templates mentioned: Template:PlayersToWatch, Template:PlayersToWatchEntry

Used to display Players to Watch. The section should be presented as "Players to Watch" not as "Notable Players". Players who are put into this table need to have a large amount of publicly available footage to observe, whether on YouTube or on a replay viewing site like smasharchives, PGStats or

The Notes field should provide some basic explanation of why the player's footage is noteworthy for watching. Color can be chosen for each stock (1-8, default 1 if left blank. Exception to this are the Miis, who only have 1 type of stock icon).