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|character=Mii Brawler
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Banjo & Kazooie


Bayonetta Drag her into her own twisted hell.

While in the air, Bayonetta can:

  • Do two Witch Twist
    • Can jump after each Witch Twist unless a double jump is used prior.
    • Can jump cancel Witch Twist to increase distance and keep the double jump (and then use it after the last Witch Twist).
  • Do one After Burner Kick
    • Can do another After Burner Kick for a limited time after landing the first one.
    • Cannot do another After Burner Kick after hitting your shield.

If Bayonetta is hit while in the air, she regains one After Burner Kick and one Witch Twist.

Ridley can crouch to avoid attacks from Bayonetta or abuse crouch canceling to escape combos with SDI. If Ridley crouches around ledge roll distance, and if a Bayonetta does ledge drop into After Burner Kick, the attack will whiff. Ridley then can react and punish with an up tilt combo or an up smash kill. Ridley can also use crouching to dodge back aerials or her Bullet Climax from afar.

At zero down throw into forward air isn't true. But down throw into up angle ftilt will always be. If down throw is unstale, pummeling before throwing, will make the fair true. With max staling, down throw will always combo into fair if the Bayonetta is at 7% minimum.

Up Tilt is a two-parter move, meaning even if the first hit attacks shield, the second hit can still connect. If the first hit connects on its first active frame it is -19 on shield with 3 frames of shieldstun. The second hit is on frame 13, meaning that there is 3 frames that you can act. Find out how Ridley can punish Bayonetta up tilt on shield.

During Heel Slide, Bayonetta has to hold down the special button to get the second hit. If Bayonetta holds down an attack she will use her guns to attack. This will happen before Heel Slide's second hit. Use this to your advantage and either respect or punish the attack. Though do be wary the Bayonetta can still hold down the special button to get guns then release before the second hit comes out.

  • Shielding the attack during the slide will make it impossible for the Bayonetta to get the second hit.

SDI Each Attack

  • Witch Twist
    • Ridley can SDI down and in during Witch Twist to fall out of the attack. Provide a video example

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Bowser Jr.


Captain Falcon




Slightly Losing

Corrin's neutral air hits from the side then going into an arc counterclockwise, covering all directions. Do not challenge this move directly, instead use disjointed tail attacks.


  • None of Corrin's grounded normals are safe on shield, where Ridley can use any horizontal directional aerial (NAir, BAir, and FAir) to challenge them. However, besides down air, Ridley cannot challenge Corrin's aerials if spaced and used to land, besides NAir which can never be challenged up close.


  • Ridley can use a beefy up special to clank with Dragon Lunge's pinned attack two frames and grab ledge unharmed.
  • While at ledge, Corrin's forward smash does not hit Ridley's ledge hang from ledge roll distance, allow the positioning of the Corrin to dictate your action off ledge.

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Diddy Kong

Donkey Kong

Dr. Mario

Duck Hunt






Ice Climbers









King Dedede

King K. Rool



Link Destroy the courage of a hero
Slightly Losing

All of Link's projectile attacks: Bow and Arrows, Boomerang, and Remote Bomb start with an animation of Link sheathing his sword pulling out a projectile. Besides up taunt, these are the only times he puts his sword away. Use this to your advantage as a way to visually expect an incoming projectile.

  • If you see Link put away his sword typically always expect Boomerang at middle to close range. Visually the boomerang on side special comes out frame 5, but is hidden from view if Link is facing to the right side, get familiar with Link's startup pose to punish the move even quicker on reaction, as it has 27 frames of start up and loses to disjoints. If you are unsure that you can punish Boomerang get into a position to parry it as it'll give you a frame advantage over Link and will send the boomerang back to Link.
  • Bomb pull from down special takes 39 frames to finish, so if you are trying to play at mid range do not expect a Link player to use this move. The arrow of neutral special comes out frame 16, but is negative on hit with no charge, so do not expect a Link player to use this one either.

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Little Mac







Mega Man

Meta Knight


Mii Brawler

Mii Brawler Face of many, tricks of many
  • Suplex
    • If Mii Brawler does a suicide Suplex, when he dies, the opponent will be popped up from the bottom blastzone. Because of this, Ridley can recover back safely unless the Suplex was near the very side blastzone (very unlikely though).
  • Thrust Uppercut
    • This move is mainly is used to be a kill confirm off of down throw. If Brawler has no rage, it'll stop comboing at 115%. If Brawler has 90% it'll stop combing at 105%. If Brawler has max rage it'll stop comboing at 85%.
    • Up air into Thrust Uppercut can be used as a kill confirm until Ridley is at max rage, which then Brawler cannot get anything off of up air. When Brawler is at max rage it will stop comboing around 130% on Ridley, which even then a raw (or even slightly staled) Thrust Uppercut will straight up kill him. Though the percentage to avoid this combo is to be around 140%, or to be safe, past 150% (at max rage).

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Mii Gunner

Mii Swordfighter

Min Min

Mr. Game & Watch





Slightly Losing
  • Ban FD against her as it allows her to chain aerial combos across the stage without a platform to interrupt.

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Piranha Plant


Pokemon Trainer

* Placeholder

* Placeholder

* Placeholder

* Placeholder

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Aegis (Pyra/Mythra)

Pyra & Mythra
Slightly Winning

* Placeholder

Flame Nova

During Pyra's Flame Nova level 3, Ridley can instantly spotdodge the third hit and will be able to punish the move's endlag if the move hits shield. For the 1st and 2nd levels, the attack has fewer hits so you have to buffer spotdodge after the second hit instead of the third to punish. However, Ridley can always forward or backward roll every level of Flame Nova after the second hit, allow Ridley to reset the situation.

  • Be careful when shielding this move as if Pyra does it up close, the back hit can hit Ridley's shield too messing up spotdodge and roll timing.
  • If a Pyra charges it while you are holding ledge never roll in as it will always catch the roll.

* Placeholder

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Ridley Your worst match-up is... yourself.

Counterpick to Sephiroth and watch them crumble.

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Rosalina & Luma







Shulk Those who can defy their future

Jump Art -

Speed Art -

Shield Art -

Buster Art -

Smash Art -

Information written by Kyoki Information provided by Kyoki, Smub, Mezcaul, & Zant

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Belmonts (Simon & Richter)






Toon Link


Slightly Winning

For Forward Smash, Bowling Ball, watch out when the ball first spawns. As its first few active frames (also being the weak variant of the attack) is twice the size of the ball which will always hit above and front of Villager. That also means that it will catch Ridley's jumps, most notably his ledge jump. If you were to punish it from above make sure you are high enough to clank with it just in case. All of Ridley's aerials and his up special will clank with Bowling Ball allowing easy punishes and recovery.

For down special, Timber Plant, once Villager waters the sprout it's best to not challenge them directly. As the tree sprouting has a long animation with a long active hitbox. It'll probably be best to go around the tree and not commit to anything. If you cannot get behind down tilt can definitely counterattack the move, but you might not be able to get much.

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Wii Fit Trainer



Young Link


Zero Suit Samus



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