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COILRoninX's video on Coil

, then DTilt and let go of the control stick you are using to crouch. Do not let go of the C-Stick.

COIL "stores" a crouch input by holding the C-Stick down. With this, you are able to move and drift freely while having a stored special, most commonly being Up Special.

However, you are not able to attack or grab while storing COIL. This means that most of the time you will be using COIL to catch landings, a hard read in advantage, or as a recovery tool.


  • Loses most of Terry's attacks.
  • Takes time to set up and can be punished.
  • Somewhat niche usage as a hard read.

Tiger Knee (TK)

Tiger KneeRoninX's video on Tiger Knee

TK Burn Knuckle (TKBK) - + + as quick as possible.
TK Power Dunk (TKPD) - + + at fullhop height.
TK CrackShoot (TKCS) - + + as quick as possible


  • Most common special that uses Tiger Knee
  • Vastly increases the safety of power dunk if done correctly, from -16 to +1 or +2. Holding Jab 1 afterwards covers most options out of shield.
  • Very quick and has very low landing lag meaning it can be noncommital.


  • Can go past the ledge from a further distance
  • Allows aerial BK very close to ground if done quickly
  • Autocancels if done from a fullhop


  • Easier to go over Projectiles
  • Autocancels if done from a fullhop


  • TKPD can be parried on reaction and if spammed is very predictable and reactable
  • If the tiger knee is missed all specials can be hard punished

Negative Edge

Negative EdgeLocus's video on Negative Edge

Negative Edge (NE) is a mechanic where releasing after an attack and doing a motion counts as an input for a command, allowing for easier special cancels. NE always results in the weak version. For an example, if you do Dtilt Jab 1+2 Buster Wolfyou would hold for the downtilt, input and HOLD again for the jab and for the BW input, and let go of . This allows for easier special cancels, but note that NE only allows for light versions of input specials. This isn't to be confused with buffering, which is holding a button during a move to ensure it comes out F1. The distinction is important! Examples of Negative Edge include:

  • NAir (NE cancel) Burn Knuckle allows you to edgeguard opponents pretty easily, due to the sheer knockback of BK.
  • The stated Dtilt Jab 1+2 Buster Wolf, making it the easiest way of confirming into Buster Wolf.



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