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From Dragdown
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Gameplan Summary

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Tips and Tricks

Input Buffering

You should always be buffering your Command Input Special Moves before/during the animation of your Special Cancellable Normals. Makes it easier to input the special move(especially Rising Tackle!)

e.g: During a combo like Jab1 > Jab2 > Power Dunk, the 623 motion to input Power Dunk can be done during or even before Jab2 comes out.

When recovering, a common occurance when trying to buffer Charged Rising Tackle in the air is that you will fast-fall when you do not want to. To counter this, you should start charging the input during another move's animation. This way, the fast-fall input will not come out, and Terry can hold the charge without unintentionally fast-falling to an SD.

e.g: Terry does Crack Shoot > Charged Rising Tackle to recover back on stage. Here, you should start to hold down during the animation of Crack Shoot, then input Input Rising Tackle


  • Most of Terry shield-pressure essentially boils down to 50/50 guessing on whether or not the Terry player will special-cancel, or try to reset pressure into something like another Jab/D-Tilt/F-Tilt or Grab. None of Terry's normals are safer than -6 on shield if not special cancelled - but if Terry special-cancels, then none of Terry's normals are less than +2 on shield. The caveat is that whatever Terry can special cancel into will also be heavily minus on shield, particularly power dunk, which is -19.
  • Since Power Dunk is invincible on frame 6-12, it will typically beat any attempt to challenge it OOS. This leads to the guessing game - will Terry Power Dunk to try and cover you pre-emptively, or reset into more pressure in order to punish you for being defensive? Both options can be punished, but if you try to punish one it will get beaten by the other, hence making it 50/50.
  • SDI out (just directly away from Terry) ruins all jab follow-ups apart from creating a new one into Burning Knuckle, which becomes true if you're SDI'ing away but it is fake basically anywhere else. (It's also very inconsistent) SDI in can work against Power Dunk, but Terry players can simply delay the input to make the SDI null - Always SDI out if you can.
  • SDI'ing directly up-and-into Terry while mashing Jump is an easy way to get out of the D-Tilt > Jab1 Jab2 > Buster Wolf combo. Unless you wanna die at 60 off of getting hit by a 6-frame move practice this.
  • DI'ing Terry F-Tilt downward and teching (either away or in) will get you out of most followups Terry has off of F-Tilt past tumble %, including Buster Wolf. If you can SDI and DI correctly Terry's only true confirm into Buster Wolf past mid percentages is a single hit D-Tilt confirmed directly into the move (works past 60-70%ish) which is much harder to hit-confirm than any other fake follow-up Terry often gets.
  • Crack Shoot is -12 on shield at best, meaning if you can guess that Terry wants to do it and/or it doesn't cross up shield you'll almost always get a punish.
  • SpotDodge Attack is -17 on shield and non special-cancellable, meaning you can and should always punish it if it hits you on block. Do NOT mistake it for U-Tilt- if you see Terry spotdodge into an animation that looks like U-Tilt there's a 99% chance it was a spotdodge attack.
  • Terry has a ten-frame platform drop, (the only one in the game!) meaning you can take a lot of advantage of platforms versus him since if you can bait him into chasing you onto one he's essentially stuck on it with his best options being running or jumping off the sides. Terry players will run or jump off the sides of platforms to get off 90% of the time.
  • Power Dunk is not a good recovery option, and you can almost always punish it if you see that I've done it to get back to stage. The best stocks against Terry are typically going to be strings which send him offstage and then force him to power dunk to get back, which if you can space and time around it accordingly is essentially an easy win condition for you to take Terry's stock.
  • It is not enough just to out-neutral Terry. His heavy weight, long recovery and comeback mechanic mean that "stray" kills off neutral wins are very nerfed against him and not ideal. The longer you take to kill Terry, the better are the odds of him taking the game from behind and killing you from 2-3 GO confirms. This is why it's an essential skill to be able to take advantage of Terry's awful disadvantage state if you want to beat him. Terry's landing in particular is very vulnerable - his ways of mixing it up are reactable and typically revolve around him shifting around the air with specials that have a strong amount of lag attached to them. If you want to beat Terry and Terry players, learn to exploit your advantage state to the fullest - it simply isn't enough to just get a lot of neutral wins when he's so capable of surviving a majority of stray hits and bringing back the game with high-rage confirms and combos.



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