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This page will document any important piece of techniques that is unique to Pit. Unless it's core to the character, universal techniques (such as wavebounces or B reverses) will not be listed

  • Unless stated otherwise, every techniques documented here works with both Pit and Dark Pit

SHAC (Short Hop Autocancel) Nair

Despite being a universal mechanic, knowing how to autocancel Pit's Nair should be the very first thing a new Pit main should learn. It's basically what makes Pit a functional character, and what makes his Nair so good in the first place.

Why should you do it?

  • It makes Nair one of the safest rising aerials in the game (-6 on shield), thus making it godlike for pressuring platforms
  • It opens up A LOT of combo routes
  • It can be used as a whiff punish bait

There's basically no downside to autocancelling Nair, so do it!

How do you do it?

It's extremely easy to perform, but there's still a timing you have to practice: time your fastfall with the moment a spark appears once the final hit comes out. It might be tricky at first, but once you got the timing down, it'll be engrained in your muscle memory (for better and for worse). The video below shows the speed at which autocancelled Nairs should come out when spammed. Notice how fast they come out

Side-B Edge Cancels

This is a movement tech that allows Pit to feint vulnerability while near platforms. It can also be used to show off between two stocks

Why should you do it?

  • It makes Pit's movement more ambiguous when platforms are on the table
  • It can sometimes help you escape the opponent's ledgetraps!
  • It's another feint (especially in the air)

Beware that the opponent can easily stop Pit by just standing there and let themselves getting hit

How do you do it?

There's two versions, depending on which version of side-B you want to use. They both require different methods

Grounded side-B

The spacing for edge cancelling on the ground is almost pixel perfect, and can be extremely difficult to space in real time. Thankfully, there is a setup that gives you the exact distance for it to work:

  1. Grab the ledge
  2. Do a ledge roll
  3. You're at the correct distance. For an easier ledge cancel, buffer your side-B during the roll

This is obviously very risky and telegraphed, so you won't do this that often in a real match, outside of feints. If the opponent is on stage, they can very easily just shield the side-B and then kill you for it

Aerial side-B

The much more practical version. It requires a different spacing, but it is thankfully much more lenient than on the ground. The image below shows the space Pit should roughly be in order to edge cancel his side-B:

This is NOT the exact location Pit should be positioned in order to edge cancel. It is only a rough estimate of where you should be standing. Also, remember is told the directional stick towards the direction Pit is facing. This will not work if you don't do this



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