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Outside of combos, juggles are Pit's best source of damage. While his tools can be unassuming at first, they allow Pit to keep opponents above him until they either die or retreat offstage. This doesn't mean that Pit's are infallible, given the read-heavy nature of juggles in Smash, so don't get the wrong idea. Hovewer, they remain more reliable than most of the cast's

Juggling tools
  • Dash Attack

In juggles, Dash Attack is used as a last resort, when the opponent is close to the ground. Resets the situation on hit (it also sends opponents offstage)

  • Uair Also known as "The Wall"

Pit's best juggling move. It is active for 13 frames, mostly due to its multi hit nature. Despite that, it has very little endlag, meaning that if opponents were to airdodge through it, Pit can recover in time to punish their airdodge's endlag with another move, such as Dair. If the opponent used their double jump to avoid it, Pit can stay in the same spot and just throw another Uair. Outside of that, this move synergizes very well with Pit's neutral-B

  • This tactic loses to fastfall airdodge

  • Arrow Aerial version is prefered

Pit can use his arrow to force a reaction from the opponent. If they get hit, their aerial momentum gets halted, making them easier to juggle. If they jump, there's a high chance that the arrow will hit them. If not, the situation has been reset, except they just lost that optionDoes not apply to characters with multiple double jumps. If they dodge it, Pit can use his Uair to gain damage and reset the situation. Once the opponent is close enough, Pit can go for his usual Uair juggles

Due to its controllability, juggling is one of the areas where Pit is better than Dark Pit since his arrows can cover more space. This makes the scenario described above much scarier


Edgeguards are Pit's main way of taking the opponent's stock. Fortunately for him, his edgeguarding and gimpingA type of edgeguard that aims to stop the opponent's momentum during recovery in order to kill way earlier than usual tools are some of the best in the game. This is only further enhanced by Pit's multiple air jumps, allowing him to stay offstage way longer than other characters.

Edgeguarding tools
  • Nair

Due to being active for a very long time, Pit can abuse of his Nair to mow through recoveries without hitboxes or invincibility (also catches airdodge attemps). It also works wonders against tethersThings such as Samus' Zair or Byleth's up-B, when properly timed. However, it is rather stubby, losing to recovery moves with longer reach

However, as good as it is, the very long endlag frames makes it pretty punishing if Pit ever misses, since the opponent can recover, or even reverse edgeguardEdgeguard an opponent that is trying to edgeguard you him for free. So make sure you don't miss when you use it.

  • Fair

As a multi-hit, Fair allows Pit to cover a lot of space at once, especially when fastfalling. The disjoint on it makes Fair safer to use against recoveries with a hitbox attached to it, while also killing earlier than Nair, while having a shorter animation. It doesn't last nearly as long as Nair, though

  • Bair

Mostly used against predictable recoveries, such as Donkey Kong's up-B. It is most effective when used while holding to the ledge

  • Dair

It's a spike, so of course it'll have some uses in edgeguard. However, said spike is notoriously weak, so Pit will need to land it several times in a row if he's dead set on killing with it. Not optimal, and will help your opponent recover most of the time, but still a good option (on virtue of being a spike)

  • Arrow Meet The Sniper

Pit's arrow is one of the best gimping tools in the game, due to the space it can cover. However, the Pit player needs to be very accurate with them in order to make them effective in edgeguards. The most ideal way to use them is to try and catch a double jump, making things way worse for the opponent

  • A good way to practice your aim is to go in training mode, select the Duck Hunt stage, then shoot the ducks
  • Yes.

An important thing to know is that arrow slightly sends the opponent up on hit, which can make recovering slightly easier. Therefore, DO NOT EXCLUSIVELY EDGEGUARD WHILE ONLY USING ARROWS!!! They should be used in combination with Pit's other tools, not by itself. The aim is to get some chip damage in while halting the opponent's momentum on hit (which is pretty scary by itself, depending on the character), and then use Pit's edgeguarding tools

It is very difficult to say which Pit has the better arrow for edgeguards, given how differently they are used. Experiment with both Pits and come to your own conclusions!


Pit's ledgetrap is very standard in this game, and he doesn't have any particularly standout option. This does not mean that he is bad at ledgetrapping: his options in this situations are still pretty good, and can consistently deal with most options. The table below should work as a quick recap of which options are the best, depending on what options Pit wants to cover. This does not include character-specific options, as well as universal techniques such as holding shield

Pit's ledgetrapping options
Option Covers Loses to Notes
Ftilt Neutral getup
Ledge Jump
Ledge HopGetting back to the stage by dropping the ledge and using your double jump
Ledge Attack*

Ftilt's active frames makes it an excellent meaty tool in ledgetraps. Can beat some Ledge Attacks, depending on the character

Dsmash Neutral getup
Ledge HangAlso known as the act of doing nothing when holding the ledge
Ledge Jump
Ledge Attack

Dsmash won't hit ledge hangs on Ganondorf, Ridley, King K. Rool and Sephiroth

SHShort Hop Nair Neutral getup
Ledge Jump
Ledge Attack*
Ledge Attack*

Beats Ledge Attack if done early enough (and autocancelled)

Landing Bair Neutral getup
Ledge Attack
Ledge Hop
Ledge Jump

Can beat jumps on a read if done rising

Landing Dair Roll
Ledge Hang
Ledge Jump
Ledge Attack

Inferior to Dsmash for catching ledge hangs, but at least it works on everyone. It is possible to start a combo if you hit the correct hitbox

Common set-ups

The grab 50/50

At high percents, Pit gets access to a 50/50 once he grabs an opponent at the ledge:

  • If the opponent DIs out, Pit gets to kill with Dthrow > RARReverse Aerial Rush Bair
  • If the opponent DIs in, Pit gets to kill with Dthrow > IDJInstant Double Jump Uair
  • His Fthrow will also kill way earlier than usual on DI out

It is possible to "OSOption Select" both DIs by RARing after Dthrow and reacting afterwards to the opponent's DI. This makes the combo somewhat tighter, but it is still very strong



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