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General Notes

Because Smash Ultimate's combos are very freeform, the following strings aren't full combos (unless stated otherwise). Think of a Smash combo as a LEGO building, in which you assemble different strings of moves in order to achieve a big combo. It is important to learn Pit's combo theory, moreso than for other characters because a lot of his combos are DI dependant. Also, a few things:

  • Rage isn't taken into account for percentages
  • Unless stated otherwise, all these combos assumes Pit doesn't use platforms to extend combos

Example Combos

These combos are there for people who are either beginners in the game or are just starting out with Pit. These are in no way optimal or set in stone but should still be good for starting out

Mid stage BnBStandard coast-to-coast
(Dthrow) > Nair > Fair > Dash Attack

Good combo done from a grab or a random Nair hit in neutral that sends the opponent offstage from anywhere on the stage. Doesn't work when near the ledge.

Against DI up, replace Fair > Dash Attack with either Dair > Nair or Fair > Nair.

Throw BnBYou'll do this one a lot
Dthrow > Dair > Nair

Good Pit combo that nets good damage and sends the opponent offstage (unless you're facing away from the ledge, in which case you just reset neutral).

This combo does not work at 0%!! It works at around 10 to 20%. Still, it makes it a great opportunity to rob someone out of their double jump if they use it a lot to escape combos.

  • At mid percents, Pit might need to replace Nair with either Fair or Uair

Dtilt confirmConfirm from a poke
Dtilt > microdash Nair > Fair > Dash Attack

Basic combo from a grounded poke. Doesn't work when near the ledge.

Against DI up, replace Fair > Dash Attack with Dair > Nair.

Grab confirmLet's get this show on the road
Landing Bair > Dash Grab > Throw combo

Very important confirm for Pit, since it lets you rack up lots of damage from a safe button to throw out in neutral. Follow up with the throw combo of your choice.

Combo Theory

A combo is divided into 3 parts: a starter, a filler and an ender. The following will point out which moves fills which roles, and the reason why

Common combo starters
  • Grab

Getting a grab as Pit generally means you'll net a combo that'll send the opponent offstage. The main combo throw is Dthrow, but it is also possible to combo from Fthrow or Bthrow at very low percents. Be aware that these two choices are very suboptimal compared to Dthrow

  • Utilt

It's a somewhat niche starter, but it can still do some stuff. The main thing he'll combo into is Nair at low percents and Uair at higher percents. However, on Pokémon Stadium 2, it is possible to repeatedly force a tech situation with the first hit of Utilt. This only works on a handful characters, and it isn't ideal, but it's still a good way to get some huge damage. If the opponent techs, Pit get a free Uair as a tech chase. It's not a very rewarding starter though, so don't rely on it too much

  • Dtilt

Dtilt is a move you'll throw out pretty often in neutral as Pit, so it's good to know how to convert out of it. Usually leads to combos at low to mid percents

  • Nair

Nair is Pit's best move, and as such you'll throw it out a low in neutral (and in general). It's easy to combo off of this move and to turn any stray hit into a big combo

  • Bair

Bair is Pit's main poke, so learning to convert off of it is essential to becoming threatening in neutral. Ideally, Pit wants to combo into Grab, but against airborne opponents, he can settle for a Nair and continue from there. Ideally, Pit don't want to use it as a starter, because it's also his main kill move, but it's also really good as a poke so you still have to learn those combos

  • Dair

Dair is usually used at higher percents, when the spike hitbox becomes positive enough on hit to combo into other (interesting) moves. The best option is to combo into Grab, but if the opponent starts to be sent upwards, Pit can go for any Smash attacks or Uair, depending on the percentages. The side hitboxes can lead into combos at lower percents. Usually, Pit combos this hit into an aerial, usually Nair


The table below shows different combo strings commonly used in Pit combos. It is possible for a combo to contain more than one of these strings

String Damage range Possible follow-ups Notes
Nair > Fair Low/Mid Dash Grab, Dash Attack, Nair

The listed follow-ups are only possible at low percents

Nair > Nair Low Dash Attack, Fair, Dair

Following up becomes way harder on DI up

Dair > Nair Low/Mid -

Possible follow-ups on platforms

Nair > Dair Low Nair, Uair

Mostly used against DI up

Landing Fair > Dtilt Any Nair, Fair, Bair

Follow up with a standard Dtilt combo. Rising Fair also works on certain platforms

Uair DD Mid+ Grab, Utilt, Fsmash, Usmash

Requires a platform to work, but it can lead to a kill. Fsmash requires one of the side hitboxes

Common combo enders
  • Dash Attack

Generally used when the opponent is pretty far away, and you don't have anything else that'll reach the opponent at this distance. Somewhat niche and subpar ender, but it still gives Pit stage control, and allows him to juggleHit an opponent while they're trying to land on the stage his opponent

  • Usmash

Ranging from CPU combos to kill confirms, Usmash is a very valuable combo ender at high percents. Please don't use this at low percents, you're needlessly staling one of your kill moves for a suboptimal combo. This means stop doing Dthrow > Usmash. Please, I'm begging you.

  • Nair

Nair is definitely not the best combo ender at Pit's disposal, but sometimes you just don't have anything else. It still leaves Pit with good positioning. Try to not end combos with Nair if possible

  • Fair

As an ender, Fair is just a worse, lazier version of Bair. Ideally, you want to avoid using this, but it is still often used, due to it giving good positioning. Not really optimal, but still way better than nothing

  • Bair

Ideally, Pit wants to end his combos with Bair at mid to high percents in order to either kill or at least send the opponent pretty far offstage. At lower percents, it's usually not worth going for since Pit's staling one of his rare kill moves for no particular reason

  • Uair

Uair is a good combo ender because it lets Pit at a position to freely juggleHit an opponent while they're trying to land on the stage his opponents. Usually used mid stage, when Bair won't kill or send the opponent offstage

Kill Confirms

The table below contains the most common and reliable kill confirms Pit has at his disposal

Confirm Percent range DI it works on Notes
Dthrow > RARReverse Aerial Rush Bair 60 ~ 160 Out, up, down


Dthrow > IDJInstant Double Jump Uair 90 ~ 115 In

DI mixup for Fthrow at the ledge

Dthrow > Uair DD > Usmash 95 ~ 150 All

Template dragdown Uair kill confirm. Requires a platform

Dthrow > Uair DD > Fsmash 50 ~ 80 All

Very hard to hitconfirm, but leads to an early stock. Requires a platform

Dthrow > Uair DD > Dsmash 85 ~ 130 All

For when Fsmash doesn't connect but Usmash doesn't kill. Requires a platform

Utilt > IDJ Uair 95 ~ 115 All

IDJ makes it kill earlier

Dtilt > Bair 70 ~ 85 All

Stops working on DI out at higher percents

Landing Nair > Dsmash 90 ~ 140 All

Somewhat inconsistent, due to the nature of Nair's hitboxes

Landing Fair > Dsmash 130+ All

Actually consistent dragdown kill confirm

Dair spike > Usmash 75 ~ 95 All

Trueness depends on how close you land on the ground

Dair spike > Fsmash 50 ~ 60 All

Same as above. Make sure you are facing towards/near the ledge before going for it

Dair spike > Uair 105 ~ 125 All

Use this when Usmash won't connect

Dair spike > side-B 80 ~ 120 All

Use this when Usmash won't kill



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