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SSBU/Mii Brawler/Combos

From Dragdown
Mii Brawler

Combos & Setups

General Notes

On the Impact of Moveset Choice: Custom specials play a moderate role in choosing the best combo route and a significant role in deciding when and how to go for kills. This section will briefly cover all widely-agreed viable custom specials and how they change Brawler's options for dealing damage, killing, or maintaining advantage state. Exploding Side Kick, Onslaught, Head-on-Assault and Counter Throw will not be covered, as they are off-meta picks that see little to no usage at the high level.

Shot Put & Flashing Mach Punch

Shot Put is a slow, cumbersome projectile that is primarily built for supplementing Brawler's poor edgeguarding, but also sees some niche use as a combo starter in rare situations where Brawler is able to fall with it or follow behind it. Weak, bounced Shot Puts have the potential to lead into follow-ups (typically an aerials or grabs), but rely on the enemy having limited options, such as at the ledge, or otherwise walking straight into the projectile. Flashing Mach Punch (FMP) comparatively sees much more use in combos, functioning as a kill confirm out of landing uAir or nAir, but is competing with Thrust Uppercut across moveset slots for a vertical kill option. While not a completely redundant combination, it's generally advised to pair Flashing Mach Punch with one of the other two up-B options.

Suplex & Burning Dropkick

At lower levels of combo proficiency, Suplex does a good job of supplementing a combo game, as it is frequently a confirm out of nAir and deals 22% on its own. At a higher level though, Suplex sees a more niche role, often delegated to setting up for platform extensions or simply being a callout against shields. If you're a beginner Brawler player or prefer to keep your execution barrier low (such as in the case of a pocket Brawler), Suplex is not a bad choice. Its other viable alternative, Burning Drop Kick (BDK), serves as more of a neutral tool or risky offstage kill option, with a kill confirm near ledge out of a falling weak nAir.


Mii Brawler's Up-B will be the primary driver of his win condition, with his kit frequently operating around it.

  • Soaring Axe Kick (SAK) is a vertical, disjointed spiking recovery that kills moderately well near ledge, but is a weaker kill option onstage. Its lower kill power forces Brawler to go for other kill confirms to take early stocks, or potentially risky spikes to kill at 0, with varying results depending on the opponent's recovery.
  • Helicopter Kick (HK) is a horizontal kill move which sends at a harsher outward angle if initiated in the air, with potential to drag even the heaviest fighters further offstage and kill them as early as 35%. While it compliments Brawler's ledgetrapping, its tighter confirm windows, smaller hitbox, and dependence on stage position make it demand higher control over the game and a better read on your opponent than the other two options, in addition to further hampering your offstage survivability due to its worse travel distance.
  • Thrust Uppercut (TU) is an extremely fast vertical recovery that can be converted into in a wide array of different methods and used as a high-percent jump callout and anti-air, giving it a multifaceted role. While it can be used the most dynamically, it requires a strong understanding of Mii Brawler's combo routes and the impacts of the opponent's DI to get full use out of.

Feint Jump

Feint Jump is Brawler's only meta-relevant down special and sees very little combo or advantage-state usage, serving its purpose as a recovery option and de-facto third jump.

Low Percents

At 0%, strong landing nAir and grab are usually the only two options with enough frame advantage on hit to lead to good damage. dTilt, uTilt, and uAir are frequently negative on hit until mid percents, but can come into play in Brawler's longer combo routes.


  • Strong dTilt will start sending into tumble very early, often only being a non-tumbling move below 10%.
  • The weak hit of nAir can replace the strong hit at higher percents.


Mid Percents

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High Percents / Kill Confirms

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Common Set-ups

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Mii Brawler

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Mechanics Glossary


Combo Damage Working Range: Works on: Difficulty Notes
Landing nAir > dTilt > SH fAir 31.0% 0-20% All Very Easy Basic bufferable combo.
dThrow > FH or FH DJ nAir, fAir, bAir or uAir up to 21.6% 0-80% All Easy Basic damage combo. bAir deals the most damage but is hardest to hit, fAir hits twice but suffers from fallouts, {{{2}}} hits for the longest but is negative on hit at low percents, and {{{2}}} has positional combo opportunities. Can be done out of the previous combo at 0%.
Landing nAir > dTilt > delayed SHFF Strong nAir > uTiltx2 > uAir 53.5% 0% Most Medium Optimal normal damage combo, can use TU as a finisher. Heavier and/or fastfaller characters may be able to take another uTilt or uAir. Delayed SHFF nAir must either be done after 2-3 frames of a dash.
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