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Kazuya's poor air mobility makes juggling very hard. You will instead want to catch landings with anti air tilts or EWGF

Edge Guarding

Kazuya’s long recovery makes edge guarding relatively safe. Kazuya can full hop DAir from the ledge and be able to recover with Up B > double jump. This is good against low recoveries. Against high recoveries Kazuya can use Up B to get himself up high in order to save his double jump. NAir is good for spiking but if it hits the sour spot it will send at an upwards angle and unless they are at high percents, it can possibly help them recover. FAir is quick and sends at a weak horizontal angle while BAir is slower but is stronger.

Ledge Trapping

There are a couple ways to ledge trap with Kazuya.

1) Crouch right outside getup attack range.

  • Neutral getup: FTilt, Tombstone
  • Getup attack: FTilt, Tombstone
  • Roll: CSK, autoturn DGF
  • Jump: up B/UAir
  • Stay on ledge: DSmash

2) Stand in between roll distance and neutral getup

  • Shield getup attack: grab
  • Neutral getup: grab
  • Roll: grab
  • Jump: up B/UAir
  • Stay on ledge: DSmash

Kazuya’s low air mobility makes getting away with a ledge jump double jump pretty easy so that he will have to chase down the opponent and catch their landing.

Common Set-ups

Electric Wind God Fist



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