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Gameplan Summary

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Cloud's neutral relies on abusing his range. He can oppress opponents from a distance or be on the defensive, using his strong tools to whiff punish. Since he does not have many combos, he relies on single hits and short combos to build damage and possibly get a kill. Since his moves are strong single hits, the opponent needs to respect them, which allows Cloud to be able to take control of the pace of the match.

His F-air has long range and hits hard. He can use is it as a strong jump in option. However, it has a long startup time, which makes it easy to be anti aired or beat out by a faster move. It also makes it difficult to mix up timings since it cannot be delayed. It can be used offensively to discourage aggression and condition the opponent to shield. Cloud does not have a true follow up if the opponent shields it, so he must react to what option the opponent does afterwards. It can also be used defensively, as retreating F-air creates a wall in front of Cloud, especially when combined with the slingshot.

His B-air is similar in strength to F-air, while being faster and safer, but lacking in vertical coverage. It can be thrown out in neutral without much risk and good reward. Like with F-air, he must react to what the opponent does after the move is shielded.

Cross Slash is Cloud's primary whiff punishing move. It is not the fastest grounded move and is unsafe on shield and whiff., but it has good range and does a lot of damage. It can be thrown out as a poke, after approaching, or catch a jump. If the opponent shields the move, the third hit can be delayed to catch people who drop shield. Or he can drop the move and do something else, most commonly a grab if the opponent shields. Limit Cross Slash only has one hit, but it is much safer. Normal Cross Slash is inconsistent in the air, while with limit Cloud floats for the entire duration of the move. Limit Cross Slash can also kill reliably while the normal variant does not until very high percents.

N-air is his fastest aerial. However, it has less range that F-air or B-air. The fast startup makes it good in close range air to air scenarios. It also has less knockback, which can be used to set up tech scenarios. This can set up platform techs.

Limit Charge provides a low commitment way to pressure the opponent and encourage them to approach.

Blade Beam is a slow projectile that covers a decent vertical area. With Limit, it is much faster and easier to follow up on, and can be an unexpected kill option.

Dash Attack is a burst option that can kill off the top. However, it is very punishable, so a well space pivot cancelled F-tilt is safer in many situations.

F-Tilt is strong grounded move with good range but slow startup. It can kill earlier than his other grounded moves, but is not as safe as his aerials, so it mush be spaced well. It can be used to pressure shields from the ground.

While his throws do not kill and have very few combos, they are good for positioning the opponent. Up Throw sets up juggling, while his other throws can get the opponent off stage. They are good to use against opponents who have been conditioned to shield.

Cloud also has a strong out of shield game. Climhazzard is fast and has long range, making it his best out of shield option. It can be baited, however, and it is unsafe on whiff and shield. Limit Climhazzard can kill off the top at higher precents. Up Smash, while slower, can kill reliably.


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