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General Techs

Monado Arts

Buffered Deactivation

Buffered Deactivationaka BD

Buffered Deactivation, or BD for short, is a technique Shulk can use to buffer the deactivation of a Monado Art.
BD is performed by pressing the special button three times during a move's animation. As long as the button presses are within 30 frames of each other, BD will happen.
BD is used to deactivate arts quickly in the middle of a combo, as the Vanilla properties of Shulk's attacks may be more advantageous than his currently active Monado Art.

Monado Art Landing Lag Cancel

Monado Art Landing Lag Cancelaka MALLC

Monado Art Landing Lag Cancel, or MALLC for short, is a technique Shulk can use to shorten the landing lag of his aerials and air dodge.
When Shulk selects a Monado Art using the cycle method, there is a period of time in between when the art is chosen and when it activates.
By timing the activation of the art to be during landing lag, Shulk will cancel his landing lag animation and immediately activate the Monado Art while posing. The pose has iframes and can be acted out of quickly.

Dial Storage

Dial Storage
Easy - Hard
(depending on the variant)

Dial Storage is a tech unique to Shulk that allows him to access his Monado Arts faster than normal.
By holding the special button, Shulk accesses his Monado Art dial. This has 11 frames of startup. This startup can be interrupted or left unfinished, so that the next time he accesses his Monado Art dial, he continues the startup from where he left off. He can store a maximum of 10 frames.
Shulk can only use frames stored from Dial Storage if he tries to use Monado Arts during a non-dialable state. This refers to any state where Shulk can't normally access the Monado Art dial, such as in the middle of an attack. This includes his air dodge and hitlag.
The speed that Shulk accesses his dial is dependent on how many frames are stored.
Attempting to use frames stored from Dial Storage during a dialable state will not cause the Monado Art dial to come out any faster than without Dial Storage.
Dial Storage is done by holding and releasing the special button, but not for so long that the Monado Art dial opens. It can also be done by interrupting the dial from opening by entering a non-dialable state. If Shulk currently has a Monado Art active, you only need to hold special for less than 11 frames.

There are two types of Dial Storage, depending on how many frames are stored, known as a Perfect Charge and a Free Charge.
Perfect Charge refers to Dial Storage done using a set-up to guarantee 10 frames of storage.
Free Charge refers to Dial Storage without the use of a set-up, sacrificing some consistency for being much less committal.

Dial Step

Dial Step

Dial Step is a technique Shulk can use to cancel his initial dash with the Monado Art dial, allowing for quick microspacing.
During the Monado Art dial's 11 frames of start up, Shulk can still move. By inputting a dash, Shulk will do his initial dash and pull out the Monado Art dial, cancelling his forward movement.
This tech is more effective in Speed art, as this increases the distance of his initial dash.

Purge Dash

Purge Dash

Purge Dash is a technique Shulk can use to deactivate Speed art in the middle of an initial dash, allowing him to blend the long initial dash distance of Speed art, and the traction values of Vanilla. This makes the dash longer.
To do it, press the special button twice, then dash, and then press the special button again during the dash.

Purge Jump

Purge Jump

Purge Jump is a technique Shulk can use to deactivate Jump art in the middle of a jump or double jump, allowing him to blend the high jump height of Jump art, and the slower fall speed of Vanilla.
To do it, press the special button twice, then jump, and then press the special button again once you leave the ground or as soon as you can for a double jump.
This can allow for more effective edgeguarding since Shulk can quickly chase an opponent and then descend at a similar speed to his opponent.



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