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These are just placeholders for tech to be fully written up later when I, or someone else gets time to do a full write up on each one and their nuances, as Mewtwo has a lot of tech that slightly but noticeably alters interactions in nuanced ways. Feel free to add anything you know here.

Mewtwo Tech

Misc. Shadow Ball Tech:

B-Reverse/Wavebounce Shadow Ball:

Useful in all states of a match and is the backbone of Mewtwo's advanced movement, has uses in advantage, neutral, disadvantage, offstage, ledge game.

Instant Grounded Shadow Ball Cancel:

Grounded Shadow Ball takes 4 frames to cancel into shield, but if the shield trigger/button(binding shield to a button makes this way easier) is released during this window Mewtwo will not shield and can act virtually instantly, which is extremely useful for movement.

Instant Charge Shot Landing Cancel(universal charge shot tech):

Performed by pressing jump within a few frames before landing while falling and charging a charge shot-style move, which will causing your character to land from the stance instantly actionable.

IDJ Stuff

IDJ Specials:

IDJ Shadow Ball:

Amazing at instantly halting all aerial momentum for fake-outs and intimidating movement.

IDJ Confusion:

Almost always useless due to move's inherent movement.

IDJ Teleport:

Not really used due to move's inherent movement, just very slightly alters where Mewtwo lands and halts momentum before teleporting.

IDJ Disable:

Occasional use when tech chasing on platforms and as a low crush/OOS option when done immediately off the ground.

IDJ Aerial Uses:

OOS(usually Fair and Nair):

Allows Nair and Fair to hit OOS much, much lower to the ground, at the cost of higher risk due to execution difficulty/precise timings to get the IDJ and from burning Mewtwo's double jump, putting them in disadvantage if they miss due to how high Mewtwo flies or even if Fair hits at low %.

Combos(almost always UAir or occasionally Dair):

IDJ UAir off Mewtwo's common combo starters grants a devastating true combo into Fair or another UAir at a wide array of %.

IDJ Item Toss

Shared between Mewtwo, Ness, Lucas and Kazuya, but probably the most impactful for Mewtwo, as the other characters already have great IDJ approach options or are held back by jumpsquat. Instantly gives you a massive boost forward while tossing the item, similar to IDJ aerials from older games. Extremely useful for approaching with a lagless projectile, powerful combos, and generally tricky movement you wouldn't have access to otherwise. It can even be a powerful OOS option(although regular item throw usually suffices for this), or done off ledge. Of course, you actually have to have access to an item to utilize this tech, but you'd do well to practice what you can do with it for those applicable matchups, most notably for otherwise very difficult matchups like Link.

Teleport Cancels:

Done by cancelling Teleport's landing lag by sliding off a ledge or platform to be instantly actionable.

Raw off ledges and platforms:

Technically shoots Mewtwo's movement potential through the roof and is extremely flashy, but also extremely difficult and risky.

Setups and visual indicators onstage:

idk any of them lmao

Easy ledge setups:

Done by either rolling into the ledge or buffering a delayed B-Reverse out of a dash close to the ledge, then doing a Teleport straight down.

Assorted Ledge Tech and Options:

IDLJ(Instant Ledge Double Jump):

Gives Mewtwo a variety of new, unique ledge options, although they are all beaten by an active hitbox or reading predictable timing, in which case Mewtwo's universal ledge options or certain other tech's can be used instead.


The rock of Mewtwo's IDLJ options, nearly instantly hits anyone remotely close to the ledge and it difficult to punish without explicitly looking for this option.

IDLJ Other Aerials

Much more niche, but all can reactively cover space that IDLJ Fair does not.

IDLJ Shadow Ball

The paper of Mewtwo's IDLJ options, nearly instantly transitions Mewtwo from being on ledge to charging Shadow Ball on the ground, from which they can do anything out of said Shadow Ball charge. Extremely useful, as it's quite literally faster than neutral getup and nearly guarantees Mewtwo access back on stage if the opponent isn't specifically looking for this single option.

IDLJ Confusion

The scissors of Mewtwo's IDLJ options and really ties their ledge game together. While it's heavily punishable on whiff, it's an unreactable command grab that can be immediately done from ledge, which punishes and heavily de-incentivize opponents shielding in front of ledge to punish Mewtwo's other ledge options, unique or not.

IDLJ Teleport

The "get outta dodge" of Mewtwo's IDLJ options, in which it's usage is quite obvious. It punishes opponents attempting to punish Mewtwo's close range ledge options and lets Mewtwo quickly regain stage control as long as the opponent doesn't see it coming, although some faster characters such as Fox or Sonic can punish this option no matter what, even if they were trying to punish a different option. It's important to distinguish IDLJ Teleport from the simpler ledge jump Teleport, as the IDLJ allows Mewtwo to land on the ground further away due to starting the Teleport much closer to the ground.

IDLJ Disable

The... uh... idk. I like to think of IDLJ Disable as a higher risk, higher reward ledge attack. It covers about the same distance as ledge attack, still has some invincibility and has much higher reward, but is even more punishable and avoidable. It's a funny option, but niche nonetheless.

Quick Ledge Shark

By dropping from ledge, then B-Reversing/Wavebouncing Shadow Ball and immediately double jumping from it, Mewtwo can rise back on stage directly from ledge with their back facing the stage, typically paired with a Bair or Uair to 'shark' the ledge from below.

Anti 2-Frame Teleport

Rising Confusion

After expending the usual Confusion hop while airborne, if Mewtwo then double jumps, waits a few frames and then uses Confusion again they will fly up even higher than Mewtwo's regular double jump. While Mewtwo does fly up extremely high, this tech is typically only reserved for recovery purposes due to Confusion's endlag, although it's very effective at that. This tech can also be performed with Shadow Ball, which can be useful to airdodge out of the charge if you think your opponent will try and hit you out of it, you obviously can't double jump out of it due to using it for the tech in the first place, so Mewtwo will lose height from needing to airdodge or throw Shadow Ball to get out of the charging stance.

Downwards Teleport Snap(recommended smash stick only!)

A somewhat difficult tech if using smash stick, and virtually impossible if using tilt stick, Mewtwo can use this tech to Teleport to the ledge from any height above it. To perform it with smash stick, you must input Teleport and immediately return your stick to neutral, then immediately hold your right stick in the downwards direction you want to teleport. If performed correctly, No matter how close you are to the ledge from above, Mewtwo will immediately snap to the ledge from the Teleport and not overshoot it. The tech can also be used to replace Mewtwo's normally slower ledge trump, done by dashing towards the ledge, then using Teleport in such a way that you start the move on the ground but immediately slide off the ledge before teleporting, then performing the tech into the ledge for a ledge trump. The reason this tech only really works with smash stick is due to the fact that said smash stick is a macro that presses the direction for 1 frame, and to perform this tech without smash stick you need to fully press the direction you want to Teleport in for exactly one frame.



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