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Mewtwo's combo game is extremely flexible and reaction based, but is mostly simple to understand, with dedicated combo starters, enders and extenders. Mewtwo can also often opt to go for airdodge or mashing reads at any point during combos for potentially devastating mixups.

Combo Theory

Common Combo Starters

Down Tilt

  • One of Mewtwo's most important starters due to being a long low poke, works up to fairly high%
  • Most commonly routed into Fair, (IDJ)Uair, and Nair

Up Tilt

  • Grounded hits are extremely consistent from up to mid%, but aerial connects, especially with the outer hitboxes, can be inconsistent
  • Most commonly routed into Nair or Bair

Shadow Ball

  • Works at nearly any %, but depends on your Shadow Ball charge and distance from opponent
  • The higher your charge, the lower % is needed to combo afterwards, but the more rewarding your potential combo may be
  • No charge Shadow Ball is most commonly routed into Grab, a different grounded starter, and notably a Footstool Disable
  • Shadow Balls that actually put the opponent into knockback are generally routed into an aerial


  • Doing Nair out of a shorthop and then immediately landing and following up works up to low-mid%
  • Most commonly routed into Dash Attack or Fair
  • Mewtwo must react to the direction the opponent gets sent and follow up accordingly

Dragdown Nair

  • Technically works at any%
  • Most often routed into Down Tilt, Up Tilt, Jab or Grab
  • Must react to the side of Mewtwo the opponent lands on


  • Set knockback; works at any%
  • Most often routed into Up Tilt at low%, IDJ Uair at mid%, and Up Smash at high%

Falling Fair

  • Works up to mid%
  • Most commonly routed into another Fair or a grounded starter at low%

Falling Uair

  • Works up to mid to high%
  • Most commonly routed into another aerial


  • Grounded hit works up to low to mid%
  • Most commonly routed into another aerial
  • Using its spike onstage as a combo starter can be teched by the opponent, but otherwise can be routed into Up Air or Up Smash on reaction


  • Works at any %
  • Combo into literally anything you want unless landed at low%, in which case you'll have to do something relatively quick to avoid your opponent mashing out

Common 'Combo' Starters

This section is reserved for Mewtwo's moves that put the opponent into 50/50 situations, or actually are combo starters under specific circumstances. Confusion

  • Puts the opponent in an uncomfortable situation on either grounded or aerial versions, but the grounded version can be more reliably mashed out of with fast options if Mewtwo goes for an immediate Fair due to the extra jumpsquat frames
  • Aerial version combos into Fair after 140%

Down Throw

  • Only a 50/50 at low %, at mid-high% combos into Fair, but only on DI in. As such, it's recommended to forego pummeling when landing a grab to lower the chance of the opponent reacting to and DI-ing down throw correctly.

Down Tilt outer hitbox

  • Extremely dependent on character and DI to get any concrete followups off of, but nonetheless it may be more worth it to commit to a mixup situation after landing this instead.

Dash Attack

  • The strong hit only functions as a 'combo' starter at low%, while the late hit only up into mid%. You'll get away with instantly going for Fair much more often than the other 'combo' starters here, as opponent's typically don't expect additional pressure off a burst option like Dash Attack.

Combo Fillers

Many of Mewtwo's combo starters also function as combo extenders, most commonly seen with comboing into either Down Tilt or Up Tilt after a weaker Shadow Ball, Dragdown Nair, or even after each other.

IDJ Uair

  • Commonly routed into from Down Tilt, falling Uair or Dair, and PUNair
  • Commonly used to combo into a Fair

Combo Enders


  • Mewtwo's most common ender by far, and for good reasons: Really good and easy to route into. Mewtwo gets a lot of mileage when ending combos with this move, as it does a lot of damage, often sets up for additional pressure, and even naturally makes certain combos kill confirms by virtue of how much knockback Fair has. The only downside to this is how staling can affect Fair's effectiveness when used elsewhere.


  • Replacement combo ender for when the opponent is just too far away, or when Fair is simply staled to a comical amount. Only really optimal out of mid-high charge Shadow Ball's or to set up better for edgeguards due to its lower knockback angle.

Up Smash

  • Niche kill confirm ender. Most consistent when done out of PUNair, but can be done out dragdown Nair, although this is only recommended against taller characters.

Forward Tilt

  • Niche ender that sets up for tech chases at low%, usually after a Shadow Ball or shorthop Nair, or as a kill option when done out of a pivot, typically when following behind a Shadow Ball.

Example Combos

Down Tilt > Fair

  • The Mewtwo classic. You can't really go wrong with this.

Falling Fair/Uair/Dair > Fair

  • Most of Mewtwo's aerials grant easy combos when landing with them.

Shadow Ball > Anything!

  • Depending on % and charge, different followups are needed. Low charge is nearly always followed up with a Grab, footstool Disable or any other combo starter. Mid-High charges are nearly always reactively comboed into any of Mewtwo's aerials or another starter.

Shorthop > fastfall Nair > Dash Attack/Fair/Forward Tilt

  • Must react to what side of Mewtwo the opponent will get sent from.

Up Tilt > Nair/Fair/Bair/Uair

  • When hitting with Up Tilt it's easy but necessary to react to your opponent's DI, % and what hit connects, and to followup accordingly.

Dragdown Nair > Jab/Down Tilt/Up Tilt/Grab

  • With the occasional exception of Up Tilt, must react to what side of Mewtwo the opponent lands on.

PUNair > Any Aerial/Up TIlt/Up Smash

  • PUNair is set knockback; any followup will work at any %.

Aerial Confusion > Fair

  • Only true >140%

Down Tilt > Nair > Dash Attack

  • Low % only

Down Tilt > Up Tilt > Nair/Fair/Bair/Uair

  • Low % only

Down Tilt/Falling Uair/PUNair > IDJ Uair > Fair/Uair

  • Extremely powerful kill confirm at ledge when done into Fair, works from about 35-65% into Fair on most characters. Otherwise Mewtwo's most damaging and consistent BnB.
  • Somewhat difficult execution, especially due to needing to drift forward during the whole combo.

Other Combos, Frame Traps, and 50/50s

In situations where you don't think your combo starter will net you a guaranteed followup, or if you just want to try and end the stock early, Mewtwo has many tools to read the opponent with, such as Fair, your Smash Attacks, Disable and Shadow Ball.

Footstool Disable

Confusion Traps

  • Describe how Confusion functions on hit
  • Describe different situations where it hits and what can be done

Character Dependent Combos

Ledge Trapping

Edge Guarding

Mewtwo's edgeguarding is extremely potent for multiple reasons, and they have many different options and tricks to attempt to edgeguard with. Mewtwo's edgeguarding mostly revolves around threatening a large area all at once, stalling with Confusion and usage of their double jump in conjunction with a move to cover a massive amount of space.


  • The bread and butter of Mewtwo's edgeguarding. With your back to the blastzone simply double jumping and Bair-ing offstage covers so much space that you won't need to rely on anything else for edgeguarding in many matchups, as long as you watch out for recoveries that can use active hitboxes to beat it out.


  • More difficult to use offstage than Bair, but it's faster and less prone to being beat out. It also kills much earlier than Bair.


  • Despite being a large spike, it's not used all too often when edgeguarding. Mewtwo's attributes and the moves inconsistencies make it somewhat unintuitive, but it's especially useful when used while rising during a double jump to catch vertical recoveries, which additionally brings Mewtwo back to the stage quicker to avoid being ledgetrapped if Dair misses. Using it raw to edgeguard is extremely flashy and useful to style on the opponent and potentially damage their mental.


  • Somewhat niche for edgeguards except in a few matchups. Falling or rising with Nair near the ledge is useful for catching nearly all tether recoveries. While it usually won't ever kill in this manner, it sets up for much more potent edgeguards, especially if the opponent already has expended their resources.

Shadow Ball

  • Throwing one or two Shadow Balls before committing to your proper edgeguard limits the opponents recovery pathing, forcing them to commit earlier to a style of recovery and allowing you to react accordingly earlier. If the opponent gets hit by an uncharged Shadow Ball, then their recovery is completely halted, allowing you to quickly go in for the KO. If the Bair has any charge when the opponent gets hit, they'll usually get KO'd by it, or at the very least be put into a much more disadvantageous position.
  • Shadow Ball charge is also useful offstage for tricky movement and quickly adjusting to unexpected recoveries, but is limited by the need to actually cancel out of it, which can get you killed if you've already expended those resources needed to do so.


  • Not used to directly attack the opponent offstage, but is useful for stalling in the air before committing to another option, or to switch the direction Mewtwo is facing.


  • lol, lmao
  • Extremely disrespectful and will destroy your opponent's mental, and is (only slightly)less difficult than you'd imagine due to Disable's active hitbox, although it will never outright KO unless your opponent's already grazing the blastzone.
  • You probably shouldn't do this(unless you're playing Melee where this is actually a viable strategy), but nobody's stopping you...



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