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Kirby is generally as basic as it gets when it comes to tech, but there are a few exceptions.

General Techs

Fullhop Double Jump

Kirby does a fullhop and buffers a double jump for immediatley after the fullhop. The purpose of this is to compensate for kirby's short jump. This tech, although simple, is extremely important for Kirby.

Instant Double Jump

Unlike a lot of other characters, Kirby's Instant Double Jump puts you lower than a fullhop. It's mostly used to combo with dair.

Pivot Cancel

Pivot Canceling is when a character pivots in the other direction during a dash, and then uses a tilt in the direction they were dashing. If done correctly, the character should slide forward a bit during their tilt. Very useful for kirby since Kirby's tilts are very safe and good for pressure.

Extended Dash Cancel (also known as a dashwalk-tilt)

Kirby presses forward and almost immediatley presses and holds a direction on the tilt-stick(that isn't forward). If done correctly, Kirby will get a small slide during the tilt, and the tilt comes out faster than a pivot tilt. Useful for some bnbs and combo extenstions.


The only move in Kirby's arsenal that can be B-reversed is his neutral B. While not super useful, B reverse inhale is a decent mixup on shield and a lot of copy abilities benefit from B-reverses.

Example Tech


Copy Ability Techs

General Rule of Thumb - If the opponent can do something with their neutral B, Kirby can do it with the copy ability(With exceptions where tech requires some other move or Kirby doesn't have enough speed/range/the ability functions differently). In some cases, due to the damage buff copied moves get and/or Kirby's different size/stats/multiple jumps, Kirby gains access to better versions of certain tech.


- Kirby can do PMLG!

- Kirby can use Shakunetsu!

- Kirby can use Dial Storage!

- Kirby cannot do B.I.R.D.(Kirby doesn't have a move that can replace Dedede utilt)


If a copy ability is a charge-type attack that can be cancelled with a jump, Kirby can cancel his jump animation with the charge, which he can then cancel with the jump, allowing him to ascend very fast.



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