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SSBU/Donkey Kong/Techniques

From Dragdown

Donkey Kong's Down B Magic

Hand Slap is more commonly known for its amazing shield pressure and tech chase setups while grounded, and it's gimmicky movement options and combo starter into up-smash while airborne. On top of these attributes, it provides additional utility on platforms and at the ledge. This section will cover Hand Slap as a means for performing ledge slips and platform dropping.

Ledge Slip

+ ->

Minimal Effort Positioning

The simplest version of the ledgeslip, this tech gives DK the exclusive advantage to be able to ledgeslip out of a run. It is not very hard to do, just run to the ledge, input down b, and rotate the Analog Stick in the direction of the ledge. Discovered by Shmayd back in 2020.

Reverse Ledge Slip

, + -> +

Hard Execution for an Overwhelming Advantageous Position.
Very Hard

Reverse Ledgeslip trades the wellbeing of your hands for Donkey Kong to turn around while ledgeslipping! This was also discovered by Shmayd in 2020, however it was not until 2022 when Tsar (Царь#1834) came up with the ingenious idea for an easier execution method. Allow this Box to explain the intricacies.

Shmayd's method consisted of an initial realistic approach: Using the Analog stick to turn around. While this is technically possible, it is fairly tricky to grasp in these conditions due to the 2 frame window for the tech to work.

Tsar's method suggested utilizing the C-Stick to turn around. By mapping Attack to a shoulder button, this method allows you to turn around with ledgeslip while not cramping all of the inputs on the left hand.

In practice this is by far the most difficult tech Donkey Kong has to offer. However, extensive practice may result in a very technical approach to play this character in a competitive setting. For ease of access for any direction, it is recommended to implement claw grip because it is easier to perform this technique facing the right side of the stage due to the layout of buttons and the C Stick.

Platform Drop


Discovered before time existed by Bunglerr, this phenomena is able to happen by pressing down b on the frame of landing on a platform or ground. However, there are only three known conditions for this to occur:

  • Jumping and Airdodging
  • Using any Cargo Throw
  • Throwing an Item

If you do any of these three actions and then use Down B at the right time, Donkey Kong will phase through a platform and regain his double jump. This works on the ground too, however he unfortunately does not phase through the stage.

While very interesting, the setup required for this makes its practicality highly questionable.

Written by Toasty


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