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General Notes

Because Smash Ultimate's combos are very freeform, the following strings aren't full combos (unless stated otherwise). Think of a Smash combo as a LEGO building, in which you assemble different strings of moves in order to achieve a big combo.

Example Combos

Basic Lucas bread and butter

Nair to Nair

or Nair >Fair

Fair >Fair or >Jab or Dtilt > Jab

These are the confirms you use to get used to using Lucas' Nair and Fair

Decent confirms to send the opponent near the corner or to kill confirm

Fair > Fair

or Zair > Fair or Zair > Fthrow or Bthrow or

Bair > Fair

Zair to Fair is a very reliable kill confirm. Most of these confirms send quite far in just 1 or 2 hits and Lucas' throws are designed to send them further offstage for edgeguards and kills so it's always useful for pressure.

Early to mid throw confirms/ traps

(Dthrow) Microdash > FH Fair or Zair

This combo does not work past 30 to 35% onwards!! It works at around 0 to 20% for Fair but Zair is for opponents who already commited to DI out and airdodge. You usually have to dash between and then full hop forward air or zair. You can use bair or upair instead if they DI in. at 0% if they DI in at ledge you can hit a spike hitbox for Bair as a reactive followup.

Dtilt confirms and killsConfirming and getting kills off a poke

Dtilt > Ftilt or Dtilt > Fair or Dtilt > Bthrow or Uthrow

Hitting a Dtilt poke is usually very threatening as they cannot DI or airdodge it so at late percents you can guarantee kills off of Fair, Ftilt and Lucas' kill throws

Combo Theory

Combo starters to be aware of.Lucas combos are usually horizontal or drift heavy but when they are not, they usually lead to an upair or back air.
  • Nair

Nair loops into itself at earlier percents. If they sdi up and away the opponent can be hit by Bair but usually with the safest escape for the opponent, it's better to end Nair loops sooner into forward air or check for their drift and di and do an Uair

  • Uair

Uair leads into nair loops, Nair to Fair, to Ftilt, grab and into uptilt and can into another Uair. It can lead into a Bair or be looped into a Dair hit or kill.

  • Dtilt

Dtilt is used better at mid and late percents for starting combos but is still unreactable and safe on block even when not true. A very consistent combo at high percents is Dtilt to Ftilt.

  • Zair

Zair also connects into itself but can started from a 0% forward air sweetspot. It can link into Ftilt at later percents or grab if you want something more simple and into Forward air for most percents.

  • Fair

Fair can lead into one extra fair, to a zair, jab or an Ftilt

  • Bair

Bair has a unique property of not spiking till later low to mid percents but can still be combo'd into to Ftilt at 0, Bair can confirm or string into Uair and Forward Air at late or kill percents

Low Percents


[Sf.nAir > Sf.nAir]x2-4

  • “Nair Loops.” DI specific. Fastfall between the 3rd and 4th hit.
    • Up to 4 looped nairs on heavier characters)

Sf.nAir > Fair

  • can be used as combo ender for Nair Loops

Sf.nAir > Uair

  • DI Specific. Can chain 2-4 Uairs with bad DI

Falling fAir > Jab

dTilt > Jab

Falling Sh.bAir(+) > Ftilt

dThrow > Fh.Fair(+)

Falling Sh.Uair > dTilt > fTilt

Mid Percents


dTilt > Jab

Falling sweetspot bAir or upair to turnaround dSmash

Nair fastfall between the 3rd and 4th hit uTilt > Fh.uAir* > uAir > uAir (35% on mario, easier with tap jump) (*Frame perfect follow-up)


Nair[DD] > uTilt( 48 on lucina, is usually un-reactable but if you do it earlier they can buffer uptilt since it's unsafe)

fTilt(-) > Jab

Falling upair FH Upair Upair

dTilt > fTilt(unreactable)

Falling sour fAir sweetspot dash attack

Falling sour fAir run up dTilt fTilt(D-tilt f-tilt can work in this percent but you could stale your ftilt kill power at later percents)

High Percents / Kill Confirms


zAir(-) -> Dash Attack

  • almost kills mario

Kill confirms:

dTilt > fTilt

  • on lighter characters with rage

Sour zAir(-) > Sweetspot fAir

  • one of the most important Lucas kill confirms

zAir(-) > Dash Attack

zAir(-) > fSmash

zAir(-) > uAir

dAir(+) > fAir

Falling dAir(+) > fSmash


dTilt > fAir


dTilt > grab U-throw or B-throw near ledge

nAir[DD] dTilt follow DI > upair

dTilt > up angled fTilt

Dair(+) > FH upAir


nAir DD > fTilt

  • sour ftilt works really well after 150%

dTilt > fSmash

  • dTilt combos can work earlier as they are usually un-reactable

Platform Combo Concepts

Platform Combos

The link below has concepts to help you get used to platform combos with Lucas



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