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== General Notes

Unlike traditional fighting games, Smash Ultimate doesn’t have a “corner” per se, and what could be considered “midscreen” can be entirely different depending on the stage chosen. With this in mind, Falco’s ability to rack up damage with freeform combos combined with his excellent edge guarding/offstage presence, we can craft combos with the goal of carrying your opponent across the stage and having the finisher sending your opponent far enough off stage to set up an edge guard situation.

Example Combos

Combo Theory

Common combo starters

Low Percents

  • (With platforms) -Up Throw, IDJ Up Air, DragDown ™️ Nair, Up Throw, Up Air, Fair -
  • (Without platforms) -Down Throw, DragDown ™️ Fair, D Tilt, DragDown ™️ Fair, D tilt, DragDown ™️ Fair, Up Tilt, Up Air, Fair-

Mid Percents

  • Placeholder

High Percents / Kill Confirms

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  • Placeholder


  • Down tilt is a great tool at the ledge due to both its low hitbox, hitting most ledgehangs, and its relatively quick recovery allowing you to react to your opponent’s options. Get Up Attack is the only universal way to counter down tilt at ledge, however because of Get Up Attack being universally unsafe on shield, Falco can get a big punish if the opponent is too predictable with their Get Up Attack

Common Set-ups

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