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SSBU/Pokemon Trainer/Strategy

From Dragdown
Pokemon Trainer

Gameplan Summary


[[File:Squirtle_{{{2}}}_Stock.png|link=Squirtle/{{{2}}}|x25px|alt=]] [[Squirtle/{{{2}}}|{{{2}}}]] looks to pressure the opponent into forcing options that allow him to whiff punish with his fast attacks. With his agile frame data, Squirtle can start combos from a Grab or any of his aerials to rack up massive damage.

Squirtle can wall his opponents with F-Tilt and B-Air thanks to their quick startup and little endlag. F-Tilt's low startup and endlag make it a fantastic poke against landings and can low profile under many grounded attacks. If the opponent overcommitted, Squirtle can whiff punish with a B-Air to start combos at early percents and set up edeguards or ledgetraps at later percents.

Water Gun is a chargeable special that can push opponents away from close-quarter combat, force approaches, and gain stage control. Squirtle can use this move to catch jumping opponents off guard, setting up a chance to whiff punish with his aerials or to switch to Ivysaur.

With one of the highest air accelerations, average dash speed, and below-average airspeed, Squirtle can use his fast movement and attacks to control the game’s pace. Once Squirtle gets in, he can put the Pokemon Trainer’s team in an advantageous state for [[File:Ivysaur_{{{2}}}_Stock.png|link=Ivysaur/{{{2}}}|x25px|alt=]] [[Ivysaur/{{{2}}}|{{{2}}}]] and [[File:Charizard_{{{2}}}_Stock.png|link=Charizard/{{{2}}}|x25px|alt=]] [[Charizard/{{{2}}}|{{{2}}}]] to switch in and finish off stocks.


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Pokemon Trainer

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