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Template page

What this is

A template to write tooltips!

Usage & Examples

{{tt|Normal text|Tooltip text}}

Lorem ipsum, Normal textTooltip text, sed do dolore magna aliqua.

{{tt|Normal text without underline|Tooltip text|line=false}}

Normal text without underlineTooltip text

{{tt|Tooltip text with horizontal rule|Tooltip<hr>Text}}
Tooltip text with horizontal ruleTooltip
{{tt|{{tt|Nested tooltip|Bottom text}}|Top text}}

Nested tooltipBottom textTop text

{{tt|left-aligned text|Tooltip text|text-align=left}}

left-aligned textTooltip text


  • Do not use <hr /> inside tooltips!
    • Use <span class="hr"></span> instead.
    • This is due to mw parser spawning random linebreaks if <hr /> is used.
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