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Template page

Special Thanks to Dustloop Wiki for the template


Creates big images as links to various character links. See example for Donkey Kong below. Works with links within the Dragdown wiki link as well as foreign links to anywhere else on the web. Assumes that strategy/tech/resources are all subpages of the character's main page

link to character's overview page. Used to build links to all of the sub pages (like strategy, tech, etc).
For example when charMainPage=Donkey Kong will assume that his combos page is Donkey Kong/Strategy.
links to matchups page. if left blank, no matchups button will appear
link to videos page. if left blank, no videos button will appear
link to character discord. if left blank, no discord button will appear
hashtag to link to relevant Twitter feed, omitting the # symbol. if left blank, no videos link will appear

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