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Template DocumentationEdit This Documentation

This is a Matchup Template spun off of the TheoryBox Template as well as referenced off Dustloop Wiki's MatchupSummaryBox
It is designed to provide details of what you can expect from a character matchup, as well as how you can play the matchup against the character.

|game = The game played.(Optional, will default to Root Page Name)
|character = The character played.
|favorability = How hard/easy you expect the matchup to be. (Recommended Terms to use: Hard, Struggle, Even, Easy, Very Easy. + or - matchup numbers is ill-advised.)
|oneliner = One-liner. As per what dustloop says, go ham.
|summary = Describe the matchup in more detail. Use bullet points if you have to 
|(OPTIONAL) extralink = You are able to add a link an extra external matchup resource here, such as a PDF, or a matchup frame data specificity spreadsheet/website. Not required for the template to be fully filled out.

All Default Values

[[File:MatchupSummaryBox_{{{character}}}_css.png|link=MatchupSummaryBox/{{{character}}}|x40px|alt=]] [[MatchupSummaryBox/{{{character}}}|{{{character}}}]] One-liner goes here

Short Summary goes here.

[[MatchupSummaryBox/{{{character}}}|Opponent's Overview]] | [[MatchupSummaryBox/{{{character}}}/Data#Character_Stats|Advanced Stats]] | [[MatchupSummaryBox/{{{character}}}/Matchups#|Inverse Matchup]] Return to the top

Basic Example

Kazuya DORYA!

An explosive matchup. Both of you can blow each other up if they get in.

  • Don't get hit by EWGF, or at least try not to. If he hits this, you're most likely dead.

Opponent's Overview | Advanced Stats | Inverse Matchup Return to the top

This documentation is automatically transcluded from Template:MatchupSummaryBox/Documentation and is not included when this page is transcluded.
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