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Template page

This is the "Character-SSBU" template. Its purpose is to store character stats in the "Advanced Stats" Tab for SSBU characters

Edit the page to see the template text. This template defines the table "SSBU_CharacterData". View table.

Template DocumentationEdit This Documentation
|character= Character Name(String)
| weight		  = Character Weight(Integer)
| airdodgen		  = Neutral Airdodge Intangible Frames (e.g: 3~17F intangible)
| airdodgentotal  = Neutral Airdodge Total Frames (e.g: 40F)
| airdodged		  = Directional Airdodge Intangible Frames (e.g: 3~17F intangible)
| airdodgedtotal  = Directional Airdodge Total Frames, delimited with \ (e.g: 40 (Up) \ 30 (Diagonal Up) \ ...)
| jumpsquat       = Jumpsquat(If left blank, defaults to 3. But just type in just in case.)
| hopheightshort  = Short Hop Height(Integer)
| hopheightfull   = Full Hop Height(Integer)
| hopheightair    = Air Jump(double jump) Height(Integer)
| hopdurationshort= Short Hop Duration (Integer)
| hopdurationfull = Full Hop Duration (Integer)
| hopdurationshff = Short Hop Fast Fall Duration (Integer)
| hopdurationfhff = Full Hop Fast Fall Duration (Integer)
| jumpstotal      = Number of jumps(including ground jump). Defaults to 2 when blank.
| gravity         = Gravity (Integer)
| airfallspeedn   = Air Fall Speed (Integer)
| airfallspeedfast= Air Fast Fall Speed (Integer)
| hardlanding     = Hard Landing Lag (Integer)
| airspeed        = Air Speed (Integer)
| airaccelbase    = Base Air Acceleration (Integer)
| airacceladd     = Additional Air Acceleration (Integer)
| airaccelmax     = Max Air Acceleration (Integer)
| walkspeed       = Walk Speed (Integer)
| dashinitial     = Initial Dash (Integer)
| runspeed        = Run Speed (Integer)
| dashframesn     = Initial Dash Frames (Integer)
| dashframespivot = Pivot Dash Frames (Integer)
| rollback        = Backwards Total Roll Frames/Intangible Frames (e.g: 25/4~25F intangible). Not rollback netcode, which smash will never get
| rollforward     = Forwards Total Roll Frames/Intangible Frames (e.g: 25/4~25F intangible)
| spotdodgetotal  = Spotdodge Cancel/Total Frames (e.g: 20/25)
| spotdodgeintan  = Spotdodge Intangible Frames (e.g: 3~17F intangible)
| grabrange       = Grab Range (Integer)

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