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From Dragdown
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Version 13.0.0

Date Released: October 18, 2021

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  • Sora joins the game as a playable character
  • Hollow Bastion has been added as a stage


  • The Shy Guys on Yoshi's Story (Hazards on) no longer carry food if items are turned off

Fighter Adjustments

Fighter Adjustment

Made it so opponents hit by Kazuya's side-B cannot be footstooled


Jab 2 has less endlag
Bair has less endlag and landing lag
Dthrow has less endlag and knockback

Dr. Mario

Nair's late hitbox has more knockback
Uair does more damage (knockback stays the same)
Dair has less startup
Side-B has more active frames
Grounded down-B's super armor comes out earlier


Jab 1 has less endlag
Rapid Jab does more damage
Usmash has more knockback
Dsmash has more knockback
Dair's sweetspot has more range


Ftilt's second hit has more knockback
Dtilt has less startup

Rosalina & Luma

Luma will appear in front of Rosalina when using Dsmash and turning around. Luma's attack has more knockback
Luma now follows Rosalina when using side-B in the air

Little Mac

Utilt does more hitstun
Fsmash does more shield damage when angled down
Neutral-B has more knockback, less startup and less endlag. Little Mac can now buffer the strike
Up-B's last hit has more knockback
Down-B has a higher damage multiplier


Can now jump out of side-B earlier

King K. Rool

Utilt does more damage and has more knockback
Fsmash has more active frames and more range at the beginning of the move
Fair has less endlag
Uthrow has more knockback


Dtilt has less endlag
Fsmash's sweetspot has more range
Dsmash has increased range and knockback
Fthrow has more knockback


Dsmash does more damage and knockback
Uair deals more damage (knockback stays the same)
Up-B's descent sweetspot deals more damage (knockback stays the same). Same thing for the explosion on landing

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