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Template page

This is a template from Dustloop Wiki, that was made by Tarkus Lee and Emo Tarquin.
It is intended to break up text and highlight segments of pages, drawing attention to and presenting important information in a convenient manner.
Originally designed for combo pages, it is also effective for showcasing techniques, and specific situations and interactions in games.

| Title      = A name or label for the route. Appears in bold text.
| Oneliner   = A short, one-sentence descriptor for the route. Appears in italics.
| Difficulty = A brief descriptor of the approximate difficulty of the route. eg: Very Hard
| Anchor     = A unique anchor point within the page for linking to. (Optional)
| Youtube    = The end of the URL to a youtube video. It looks like this 7luVBKogBKk [from]. (Optional)
| Timestamp  = The timestamp (in seconds) of a youtube video. 
| Video      = A local video file for exemplifying the route. Maximum of 8MB. (Optional)
| Autoplay   = Autoplays a video on loop if one is added. Video will be muted if this is applied. (Optional)
| Recipe     = The series of inputs used to perform the combo.
| content    = Text which explains the combo, theory, and application of the combo.

All Default Values

Card TitleOne-liner text

placeholder text

Basic Example

Majin AirlinesKen air-to-air stage carry combo
45% Air-to-Air FH rising NAir > FF UAir > FH rising NAir > FF UAir > FH DAir.

This small combo is actually really easy. The difficulty is in comboing the combo into itself and starting the combo It can be started from DAir, sour FAir, LFTilt, or from an air-to-air NAir Doing this is called Majin Airlines. You can end Majin Airlines into:

  • UAir > m.shoryu
  • IDJ DAir
  • IRAR BAir
  • H.shoryu
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