Template page

This template was originally created by Tarkus Lee from Dustloop Wiki

This template displays a notice on the corresponding to the maintenence type selected, and applies a category to the page.

 | cleanup   = This page has been marked for cleanup.
               This can be for a variety of reasons including but not limited to: spelling mistakes, unnecessary information, poor 
               formatting, and other metrics per common sense reasoning.
               Consider helping rewrite it.
 | stub      = This page is missing significant information. You can help by editing it.
 | delete    = Notice
               This page has been flagged for deletion. If you believe this is a mistake, contact the administration on Discord.
 | #default  = Disclaimer
               This section is still being written. It may be wildly inaccurate or missing significant data.
               Please feel free to make edits, but include edit summaries and sources where applicable.
 | clarifier = Available for all maintenance flags except for "delete". Allows you to write whatever additional information you would like to be appended at the end of the maintenance flag.
 | sticky    = Type anything into this field to make it so the maintenance flag(s) are glued to the top of the page, no matter how 
               far down the reader scrolls.

 |Up to two maintenance flags can be used in one call of this template.
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