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This template defines the table "SSBU_MoveData". View table.

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{{FrameData-SSBU | character =
| attack        = Must be identical to the one in MoveCard 
| name          = Shows up under Hit/Hitbox when specificHits in MoveCard is yes 
| images        = Must be file,seperated by delimiter \ (usually png file)
| hitboxes    	= Must be file,seperated by delimiter \ (usually webm file, rare cases png)
| damage        = Shows up under Damage in MoveCard
| active        = Shows up under Frames Active
| total         = Shows up under Total Frames
| angle         = Shows up under Angle
| kbBase        = Shows up under Base KB in Additional Data
| kbBase        = Shows up under Fixed KB in Additional Data
| kbGrow        = Shows up under KB Growth in Additional Data
| stun          = Shows up under Shieldstun in Additional Data
| safety        = Shows up under Shield Safety
| landlag       = Shows up under Landing Lag in Additional Data
| autocancel    = Shows up under Autocancel Window in Additional Data
| rehit         = 
| hitlagMulti   = 
| sdiMulti      = 
| shieldDamage  = 
| shieldLag     = Shows up under Shield Lag in Additional Data
| hitboxDirect  = Shows up under Direct Hitbox in Additional Data
| hitboxEffect  = Shows up under Hitbox Effect
| clangRebound  = Shows up under Clang Rebound in Additional Data
| prot          = Shows up under Protection in Additional Data
| notes         = Shows up notes in Additional Data
| caption       = Shows up under each image
| hitboxCaption = Shows up under each hitbox


Stores values in the SSBU_MoveData Cargo Table.

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