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Template:FP Box

Template page
Template DocumentationEdit This Documentation
This template was created by Tarkus Lee, from Dustloop Wiki.

It is a template that provides pre-made flexible boxes for the front pages of the wiki and games.


| header    = Places the large header text at the top. Appears large at the top
| content   = Places content underneath the original header
| subheader1 = Creates a second header in the body of the
| content2   = Places content underneath the first subheader of the content box.

You repeat the subheader process and conventions for as many subheaders as you need, but only up to 6 subheaders and subheader content spaces underneath subheaders can be created.


{{FP Box
|header=This is a FP Box
|content=It has only 1 header and 1 content box
This is a FP Box
It has only 1 header and 1 content box

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