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|portrait        = Field for the file name of the character's portrait // defaults to "SSBU <page name> Portrait.png" if not included
|weight          = Field for the character's weight
|spotDodge       = Field for the spot dodge frame data and intangibility for the character
|airDodge        = Field for the air dodge intangibility frame data for the character; neutral airdodge first, then dir. air dodge
|uro             = Field for unique recovery options of the character, such as extra jumps, moves that snap ledge, etc
|fastestOOS      = Field for the fastest OOS option for the character
Spotdodge:The duration and intangibility of this character's on-spot dodges.20F (3~17F intangible)
Air Dodge:The intangibility of this character's air dodges, both neutral and directional.3~30F intangible (Neutral)
3~21F intangible (Directional)
Unique Recovery Options:Recovery options that this character may have other than their Up Special.probably something whack
Fastest OOS:Up Smash (8F)

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