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Template page

! height="25px" |DamageThe raw damage percent value(s) of the listed move that the game calculates damage and staling from. ! Frames ActiveThe frames of this move where there are active hitboxes that can affect opponents. ! Total FramesThe total number of animation frames for this move. Landing lag for applicable moves will be listed under "Additional Data". ! AngleThe launch angle of this move. 0 degrees is directly away from the attacking character, and this value angles up counter-clockwise. ! Shield SafetyThe difference between the attacker's endlag and the period that the opponent is in shieldstun. This frame advantage value is based off the assumption that the very first active frame connects with the opponent's shield. ! width="250px" | ProtectionAny kind of body part intangibility, invulnerability, or armor that the move has.

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