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From Dragdown
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Version 6.0.0

Date Released: November 6, 2019

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  • Terry joins the game as a playable character


  • Several QoLQuality of Life changes were made to arenas, such as being able to change the game's rules without having to recreate an arena

Fighter Adjustments

Fighter Adjustment
Donkey Kong

Ftilt has more knockback
Nair does more damage and has more range
Fully charged neutral-B has more knockback. The charge time has also been shortened
Grounded up-B's armor comes out earlier. It is also more consistent against airborne opponents. The final hit has more knockback
Grounded down-B has less startup and endlag


Jab 1 has less startup
Usmash's sourspot has more knockback
Nair has less startup. The sweetspot also has more knockback
Uair does more damage and has more knockback, on top of less startup
Neutral-B starts inhaling stuff earlier
Kirby's Copy Abilities are harder to take off (outside of taunting)


AirdodgesBoth neutral and directional has less endlag
Dair has less landing lag, as well as a larger autocancel windowIt can now be autocancelled from a short hop if the move was buffered
Fthrow sends at a different angle
Neutral-B's charge time has been shortened
Side-B does more hitstun and shield damage


Ftilt has more knockback
Nair has less startup
The time for going from one version of neutral-B to another has been shortened
Side-B's fireball goes further (flame pillar stays the same)
When the Levin gauge is empty, Smash attacks fills up the gauge a bit more

King K. Rool

Nair has less landing lag
Fair's sweetspot does more damage, has more range and sticks out longer
Uair has more active frames. The sweetspot has more knockback
Neutral-B has less startup. The cannon ball is easier to vacuum and shoots out earlier if vacuumed. The projectile has more knockback
Down-B's counterattack has less endlag, and the sweetspot has been increased. The hitbox detection on the counter is now bigger


Jab 3 does more damage and has more knockback
Fair has more active frames. A late hit does less damage
Dair's spike is easier to hit
Neutral-B's early hit does more damage and has more range. The move lasts longer
Down-B has more active frames, as well as less endlag, on hit and on whiff. The counterattack has more knockback


Rosalina & Luma's down-B no longer affects KafrizzNeutral-B with max charge after hitting an opponent
Villager and Isabelle's neutral-B no longer affects KafrizzNeutral-B with max charge after hitting an opponent

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