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Version 10.1.0

Date Released: December 22, 2020

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  • Sephiroth Challenge was removed

Fighter Adjustments

Fighter Adjustment

Fair is more consistent, on top of having more range
Dair is more consistent. The move also has more range


Dash Attack is more consistent


Fsmash is more consistent. The final hit has more range


Fsmash's last hit has more range

Young Link

Aerial up-B is more consistent

Toon Link

Aerial up-B is more consistent


After throwing a Pikmin with an Fsmash or side-B, if there are other Pikmin nearby when using up-B, an aerial using a PikminAll of them except Nair will occur

Rosalina & Luma

Fair is more consistent. It also has less range above the skirt's hemline. The final hit has more range

Mii Gunner

Uthrow sends at a different angle. The shot also has more range

Duck Hunt

Fsmash's SDI multiplier has been decreased. It has also been made more consistent

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