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SSBU/Pokemon Trainer/PT ProsCons

From Dragdown
Pokemon Trainer looks to keep stage control by using their Pokemon as a team.
Pros Cons
  • Versatility: PT has the tools to deal with any situation in the game. When piloted correctly, PT can handle any matchup and situation.
  • Explosive Advantage State: With the combination of Squirtle's damage output, Ivysaur's juggling, and Charizard's kill power, PT can eradicate stocks.
  • Edgeguarding: Each Pokemon has a move that can force the opponent to waste their resources while recovering. Ivysaur in particular has her infamously huge, low-hitting D-Air to catch recoveries below the ledge.
  • Grabs: All three Pokemon are granted high rewards off grabs at about any percent. These include combos at low percents, setting up juggling or edgeguards, and kills at high percents.
  • Below Average Disadvantage: Since none of the Pokemon have both a quick and safe landing move and good air mobility, they can struggle to escape the ledge. Ivysaur and Charizard especially have difficulty landing due to most of their aerials having a notable amount of landing lag.
  • High Maintenance: Due to PT featuring three characters with unique frame data and stats, the player must know which Pokemon to use upon every matchup and when to switch. Switching with Pokemon Change at the wrong time can leave PT in an even worse spot at disadvantage.
  • Zoning: Characters with strong zoning projectiles like Samus and Young Link can give PT trouble. Due to their slow airspeed and lack of an anti-projectile move, PT can be forced into an uncomfortable playstyle to avoid getting cornered.
Squirtle uses his movement and frame data to bait and punish his opponent and maintain stage control.
Pros Cons
  • Amazing Neutral: Squirtle's moveset is quite versatile at dealing with any option in neutral. Through his fast attacks, he can move around to pressure his opponent.
  • Whiff Punishing: With attacks faster than frame 9, Squirtle can swiftly whiff punish his opponent, especially when landing.
  • Safe on Block: Thanks to his air acceleration, Squirtle can hit shields with his aerials and avoid punishes from most of the cast. His Dash Attack is also one of the best at crossing-up shields.
  • Strong Combo Game: From one short hop aerial or Grab, Squirtle can easily rank up damage in a matter of seconds. He has oodles of combos for every character and DI at early and mid-percents.
  • Ledge Trapping: Squirtle's D-Tilt and Waterfall excel at 2 framing by their lingering hitboxes. He can move around the ledge with his aerials and F-Tilt to cover multiple ledge options.
  • Below Average Ledge Options: Squirtle's below-average airspeed and lack of low-risk specials leave him struggling to escape the ledge.
  • Low Range: If Squirtle whiffs a move, characters like Lucina and R.O.B. can easily outrange his stubby attacks.
  • Featherweight: Squirtle is tied with Mr. Game & Watch for the 3rd lightest character. At a cost of high damage comes the cost of Squirtle getting Killed earlier than most other characters.
  • Difficulty to Kill: At high percents, Squirtle's only kill options come from jab resets off F-Tilt, raw smash attacks, and kill confirms from his short ranged U-Tilt. Besides D-Smash, Squirtle's smash attacks are some of his slower attacks. Thus, they're risky to use raw in neutral.
Ivysaur outranges her opponent while playing mid-range to begin her powerful advantage state.
Pros Cons
  • Edgeguarding: Ivysaur's D-Air is one of the most potent edgeguarding tools because of its large hitbox. She can spikeAn attack that sends down at an angle outside of the meteor smash range, and thus cannot be meteor canceled low recoveries without sacrificing stage control.
  • Overwhelming Juggle Game: Ivysaur's U-Air is one of the best juggling tools in the game. Her Razor Leaf and Grab can combo into her U-Air, which descends her down to the stage to maintain PT's advantage state.
  • Range: With the longest range of the PT's team, F-Air and short hop B-Airs can wall out her opponents. She forces players to be cautious when trying to approach.
  • Flexible Recovery: Vine Whip can reach the ledge from far distances and is cancelable like other tether recoveries. This can create some unsuspecting mixups while recovering.
  • Poor Out of Shield (OOS) Options: With no OOS options faster than frame 10, Ivysaur can easily get shield pressured by her opponent.
  • Slow Grounded Options: Ivysaur has no fast and safe tilts in close quarter combat unlike Squirtle or Charizard. Her best options are D-Tilt and Dash Attack, which are punishable on shield.
  • Bad Disadvantage: Due to her below-average mobility, Ivysaur can struggle to shift around the opponent at disadvantage. Even her best options like fastfall N-Air are too slow and predictable to be consistent at landing.
  • Underwhelming Ledge Options: Ivysaur doesn't have a fast move that can protect her while getting off the ledge. Her ledge mixups like tether canceling also cost Ivysaur some of her ledge invincibility.
Charizard moves around the opponent to search for opportunities to close stocks.
Pros Cons
  • Kill Power: Charizard yields great kill power in his attacks. He can whiff punish with a sweetspot F-Tilt or B-Air to burn the opponent's stocks to the ground.
  • Fast OOS: Charizard's U-Smash frightens landing opponents for its high kill power and frame 6 startup. Fly is also an extremely dangerous move with frame 9 startup and super armor on frame 4.
  • Ledge Trapping: With his lingering N-Air and Flamethrower, Charizard can force ledge options that are punishable with a Grab.
  • Great Grounded Options: Charizard has a top 10 run speed and top 5 initial dash. Alongside his disjointed tilts and Dash Attack, Zard is super effective against grounded approaches!
  • Combo Food: Despite having long survivability, Charizard's size and weight make him easy to combo.
  • Bad Disadvantage: Charizard's average air mobility and slow attacks can leave him getting juggled a lot at disadvantage. Although Charizard holds 2 air jumps, Fly is easy to 2 frame, and Flare Blitz is very reactable and easy to punish.
  • Shield Safety: Charizard's fadebackMoving away from an opponent N-Air, spaced F-Tilt, and D-Tilt are his only options that are safe on shield. Other attacks like D-Air can leave him vulnerable to hard punishes.
  • Poor Ledge Options: Charizard doesn't have a safe landing tool to escape corner pressure. His options can be shielded and result in punishes that will keep him stuck at disadvantage.
  • Linear Approaches: Since Charizard's tilts, B-Air, and N-Air are stronger in neutral than his other aerials, most of his approaches prioritize shielding and retreating, which can become predictable.
  • Lackluster Combo Game: Unlike most characters, Charizard has very few combo starters and combo routes. His combo starting moves outside of N-Air are also easy to whiff punish.
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