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SSBU/Meta Knight/Techniques

From Dragdown
Meta Knight

Meta Knight Tech

Auto Jump Feature

Meta Knight has a unique tech very few other characters have- Auto Jump aerials. Once MK uses an aerial jump, you can continue to hold the jump button. If you do, whenever you inuput an aerial in any direction, MK will jump and do the aerial frame perfectly. This tech is used for making his ladder combos easier. Note that the first jump that can be auto jumped is the third one.

This tech is limited to MK, King Dedede, and Ridley. Ridley has 2 aerial jumps, so you'll only get one auto jump (lol)

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mk breaking yoshis armor (ALL MOVES ARE FRESH AND FROM A FH) %s:

sweetspot nair breaks yoshis dj armor at 64%

Sour nair 85%

3rd hit of bair breaks at 62%

sweet nado 39%

late nado 86%

3rd hit of fair 69%

-Courtesy of MadHatter


Meta Knight

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